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Pool Owners Extend the Impact of Earth Day

Earth Day is coming! What are you doing to care for our planet? Tell us what you’re doing in your home or business to make a difference. Share your ideas with us on Facebook and you may be featured on our Facebook page on Earth Day! Earth Day: One Day at a Time to a More Sustainable World Each year, Earth Day reminds us to keep up the good work of creating a greener, more sustainable world. According to the EDN (Earth Day network), Earth Day has inspired us to save energy, choose renewable energy sources, use recycled materials, and much more since its establishment in 1970. This year on April 22, we celebrate our many accomplishments in sustainability. The Earth Day movement channels our energy toward addressing environmental issues and developing a greener, more sustainable world. But there’s a lot more to be done! Tell us what you’re doing to make a difference. Ways You Can Make a Difference Here’s a few ways you can make a difference: Plant a tree! This year, is calling on everyone to plant trees – how do trees help our environment? Trees absorb harmful CO2, odors, and pollutant gasses. They filter particulates from the air by trapping them on tree leaves and bark. In our communities, trees can provide food, shade, beauty, energy and income. Take advantage of consumer product labeling from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These programs help consumers make informed product choices that help you save money, reduce pollution and protect your family. Make your pool more earth-friendly. Check out these 10 tips for going green, conserving water and energy, and reducing chemical use. Save Energy & Water At Hayward, we support the goals of the Earth Day movement, with innovative pool products that save energy and water, and reduce the use of chemicals. Pool owners can count on us to create the most technologically advanced, energy efficient pool products in the industry. You can save money and make your pool more energy efficient by upgrading to the latest in pool technology. Variable-speed pool pumps and robotic cleaners save energy and can often pay for themselves in as little as a single season. Maximize Energy Savings Your pool pump operation can have a significant impact on your power bill. The trend toward variable-speed pumps is growing because variable-speed pumps save money and energy and they run quieter than single-speed pumps. Many utility companies encourage consumers to make the switch to a variable-speed pool pump. They offer generous rebates as an incentive to save energy. Hayward is leading the way in developing innovative, energy-efficient pool pumps. Our ENERGY STAR rated variable-speed pool pumps deliver up to 80% in energy cost-savings over single-speed pool pumps. Clean Up and Save Energy Robotic pool cleaners are the most energy efficient pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners work independent of the pool’s filtration system and are programmed to use the most efficient cleaning path. Pool owners can choose from several scheduled cleaning cycles. Robotic cleaners can use 80%

Hayward Meets Houzz for Pool Design Inspiration

Houzz is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape, pool design and home improvement. It is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, bringing pool owners and pool professionals together in a uniquely visual community and now, Hayward Pool Products is on Houzz. How Does Houzz Benefit You Peruse the Hayward Pool Products profile on Houzz in order to find: Beautiful pool design and home photos to browse and save A place to find the right pool design and construction professionals A place to connect with others who have been in the search for their dream pool design A place to purchase goods for their pool and home Houzz is a great way to get inspired, discover products and find and collaborate with the perfect architect, designer or contractor. By joining the Houzz community and following our Hayward Pool Products profile page, you can write your own reviews and begin your very own collection of dream pool designs. Let us help inspire you to create the backyard and pool that you have always envisioned. How Does It Work Homeowners browse photos on our account and bookmark any pool design they like, to place in their personal collections. These personal collections are known as “ideabooks,” and each user can create as many ideabooks as they wish. Users also have the ability to click on any image to learn more about the products, to ask questions, to purchase, and to locate a dealer near them for more information. Houzz for Professionals There is no question that Houzz is a place to become inspired by pool designs from across the globe, but what benefit can it have for pool professionals? It’s simple. The Houzz outlet supplies you, the pool professional, the ability to share your pool jobs and projects with your present and future clients. It’s no longer enough to just speak about your ideas, but to give your clients some visuals to help make their pool designing process that much simpler. Now that you have this digital profile, Homeowners can more easily find you and contact you for more information on pool builds and schedule an appointment to see you. Houzz Facts for Professionals Houzz is where Homeowners come to get ideas for all home and pool design projects – big and small. Houzz has 35 Million Unique Monthly Visitors and 90% are Homeowners. Having a Houzz profile also places you in the ‘Find A Pro Directory’ under Pool & Spa within a 50 mile radius of your zip code. So Homeowners near you can easily find you! Photos uploaded to your profile will be circulated in the Houzz photostream directory It’s FREE to create a profile and maximize your local exposure! You’re not alone. Once a profile is created, a Houzz representative will contact you to ensure you can access all the benefits Houzz has to offer. They help you maintain your page and give you tips on how to better optimize your Houzz profile.

PoolVac and Navigator Pool Cleaners Receive the Ultimate Enhancement

Hayward launches a transformational kit for PoolVac and Navigator pool cleaners with the V-Flex Upgrade Kit. Now you have the ability to transform your suction pool cleaners with the new V-Flex technology for enhanced suction power, performance and unmatched debris management. V-Flex, The New New For Pool Cleaners Upgrade your current PoolVac or Navigator suction pool cleaners with the latest patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology. The new break-through internal turbine design drives suction power, superior performance and large debris handling. Patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology allows for larger debris pickup more than other suction pool cleaners on the market. The vanes of the turbine automatically adjust to accommodate for large debris such as leaves, twigs, acorns, grains of sand, and even bugs to easily pass through the cleaner. Traditional suction cleaners are built with a turbine that has vanes that do not self-adjust, as debris is being picked-up. When the new V-Flex kit is installed, you can virtually say goodbye to annoying clogs and downtime. V-Flex’s energy-efficient design also allows for maximized suction power at lower flow, making it the perfect partner for use with variable-speed pumps. All components within the upgrade kit improve the performance of debris handling, energy-efficiency, all with fewer moving parts to maintain. 2 Upgrade Kit Options Available: Kit Option #1: Upgrade Kit Content V-Flex Turbine Kit Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer Replacement Shoes (X4) Replacement Wings (X2) Suction Inlet (Throat) Kit Option #2: Upgrade Kit Plus Content V-Flex Turbine Kit Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer Replacement Shoes (X4) Replacement Wings (X2) Suction Inlet (Throat) Pod Kit Front and Rear Flaps These exclusive kits are only available in-store. Stop by your local pool professional today to learn more about this unique technology. Share this article and leave a comment on our Facebook page to tell us about your experience with the new V-Flex technology.

Natural Pools

Are you inspired by nature? Considering building a backyard oasis complete with a natural swimming pool? You’re not alone – pool industry professionals and homeowners alike are beginning to consider the advantages of natural pools. Whether you’re thinking about building a natural pool or a traditional pool, you can find inspiration to design your perfect poolside escape at What exactly is a natural pool and how does it differ from traditional swimming pools? Let’s dive into the basics to see if a natural pool is right for your backyard oasis. What is a Natural Swimming Pool? Natural swimming pools are different from traditional pools. They utilize plants or plants and sand filters to clean and purify pool water without chemicals. The first examples of natural pools were built in the 1980’s in Austria and many more have been built in Europe since that time. Natural swimming pools have grown in popularity worldwide and recently a few have been built in the US market. How is a Natural Pool different from a Traditional Pool? Functionality – Natural pools include two zones: a swimming zone and a separate adjacent regeneration zone. These are usually equal in area but the swimming zone is at least 6’-6” deep and the regeneration zone is shallower. To accommodate the two zones, a large land area is needed. In areas where land is limited, a hybrid system with a separate filtration system can be added. Here’s how it works: A pump circulates the water through a waterfall to oxygenate the water and a skimmer removes large debris. Water purification is achieved through the action of plants and filters in the regeneration zone. Once the water is purified, it flows from the regeneration zone to the main swimming pool. The water is continually circulated so there is no stagnant water. Appearance – For those seeking a seamless look within a natural environment, a natural pool is an attractive choice. Plants in the regeneration zone, such as grasses and water lilies, present a natural appearance. Usually the pool itself has an unstructured free-form shape similar to that found in nature, but rectangular pools are available as well. Water – Natural swimming pool water feels clean and refreshing with no chemical effects. Natural pools are not drained and refilled – instead they depend on the availability of natural rain water. Cost – Essentially a wetland ecosystem, a natural pool is more complex to design and build than a traditional pool. Construction cost varies by location. Natural pools typically cost the same per square foot as a traditional pool, but they are usually twice as big and are thus more costly. Maintenance –Since live plants are an integral part of the functionality of a natural pool, their care and maintenance is important for providing clean swimming water. During the swimming season, daily maintenance is required. The skimmer should be cleared of debris daily and the water plants may need to be tended. Periodic replanting of the regeneration zone may be

Pool Covers Save Water and Energy

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pool covers are one of the best energy efficiency solutions for your pool. One of the leading causes of pool water and energy loss is through evaporation.  Pools in areas with warm climates and sun exposure experience even more evaporation.  Consider investing in a pool cover before the season starts to save water and energy. Pool covers help keep the water in your pool so you can add water to your pool less often. Along with loss of water from evaporation, water loss causes an imbalance of pool chemicals. Pool covers help keep the water chemistry in balance by keeping the water in your pool and the contaminants out. Covers also help retain the heat in pool water during cool nights. Since your pool is being maintained at a more constant temperature, the pool heater will run less often, which will cut down on energy costs. Advantages of Pool Covers Pool covers save water by minimizing evaporation by heat, sun and wind. Pool covers save energy by holding in the heat in cool weather. Pool covers prevent algae bloom and limit bacteria growth during the winter season in mild climates. Pool covers save chemicals by maintaining water chemistry balance. Pool covers save maintenance by keeping wind-blown debris out of the pool. Pool covers may prevent accidents by limiting access to the pool. Pool covers come in a variety of types including automatic or manual models. Light and heavy-duty covers are available, so talk with your local pool representative for help in choosing the best option for your pool. Look for attractive pool covers that fit securely on your pool. Consider models that are easy to use – you are more likely to use your pool cover if it is easy to open and close or remove and replace. In the long run, they will save more money, water and energy. Our Hayward blog offers additional energy and water saving tips for your pool. Variable speed pool pumps can save up to 90% on pool energy costs. Variable speed pumps run at optimal speeds during filtration and while operating water features, cleaning equipment, and heaters. Working independently from the filtration system and using less than 150 Watts, Robotic cleaners represent the most energy efficient cleaning solution. Regular pool maintenance can make a big difference in saving energy. Monitor your pool water levels, chemistry and temperature. Clear pool drains and filters regularly. Visualize your in-ground dream pool at Find design inspiration and budgeting help – view our photo gallery and plan your own virtual dream pool today.

Design the Perfect POOLSIDE Escape

We have launched a new and improved to help inspire your dream back yard escape. At, you can take the time to plan your budget, peruse the pool gallery, and design a virtual dream pool by selecting all the features a dream pool may have. You can choose from pool shape, landscaping, lighting, water features, pool controls, pool safety, and more. If you don’t know where to start, you can even gain inspiration by viewing all of the images in the pool gallery at once, or by navigating by region from the drop down menu, to view the pool designs specific to your area. We’ve noted a few things below to help get you started on designing your dream POOLSIDE escape. What You Need In Order To Design Your POOLSIDE Escape Escape, by definition, is an avoidance of reality. In order to truly escape, even for just a few hours, you need to have a pool, privacy, and a great smoothie. 1. Design Your Pool When it comes to designing your pool, you have to decide if you want a unique pool design, or just a simple standard pool design; a standard shaped pool or a free-formed pool. If you are one of those people who have a contoured backyard, then looking into a free-form pool will be in your best interest. Because it features curves instead of hard angles, a free-form pool usually has a more natural appearance and can blend into your landscape nicely. To really make your pool design unique, make sure to incorporate water features such as a natural waterfall, water jets with lights, or even a fountain in the center or end of your pool. 2. Create Privacy   After you have created your perfect pool, start thinking about what surrounds it. The one thing that remains the same throughout the year is our constant battle for privacy. Although you may put up a simple fence or divider, sometimes that just isn’t enough and sometimes it isn’t the most attractive feature you’d like to have in your backyard. Forget about that standard fence and upgrade to a different type of fencing such as those made from wood, PVC, or ornamental aluminum. You can even use gazebos, shrubs, or recreate walls that you’d like covered up in order to create a little privacy. As an added bonus, consider building a fire pit for those nights that get a little chilly. 3. Relax With Smoothies After your project is finally complete, all that is left to do is grab a healthy smoothie and prepare for your relaxing poolside escape. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with the enormous crowds that public attractions normally have when on vacation. It’s time to swim or soak your thoughts away. Don’t waste another second! Visit and get started creating your perfect POOLSIDE escape. Subscribe in the blue box to the right to learn more tips and tricks for your POOLSIDE adventures!

Pool Designs To Inspire Your Back Yard Escape | My Dream Pool

It’s time to become inspired and design your truly unique backyard oasis with the new and improved Let us help you plan your budget and inspire your pool designs with our amazing photo gallery and virtual dream pool. How Can Inspire Your Dream Pool Designs? When visiting, you can learn all about the features a dream pool may have; you can choose from a variety of pool ideas including shapes, landscaping, lighting, water features, pool controls, pool safety, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless! You can also peruse the Dream Pool Gallery to gain inspiration for your own dream pool by viewing all of the images in the gallery at once, or navigate by region from the drop down menu, to view the pool designs specific to your area. Still need more inspiration for your pool designs? Take advantage of the Virtual Dream Pool by uploading a photo and designing a pool in your very own back yard. In just 4 simple steps, you can take a peek at what a dream pool could look like in your very own back yard. How To Navigate Why Build a Dream Pool? Most of us decide to add or remodel our back yards as a way to inspire the ideal location to spend time with family and friends. We want our back yard to have everything you can possibly imagine so that there is not a dull moment when you are out there with everyone. No matter the season, you can create the perfect back yard to relax and enjoy yourself at any time of the year. While you can choose from a variety of standard pool designs, selecting your own features, is the only way you can ensure you end up with the pool design of your dreams. At, you can visualize your in-ground dream pool, peruse the Dream Pool Gallery, and even build your Virtual Dream Pool. Creating a dream back yard escape has never been easier. Visit and become inspired, today!