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The Role of Electrical Bonding and Grounding in Pool Safety

Electrical bonding and grounding are among the important safety features provided by pool installation professionals to ensure your family’s safety. Pool safety is achieved in a variety of ways. We usually think of physical elements such as non-skid pool decks, pool covers, and fences when we think about pool safety. Another pool feature that is not noticeable but is critical to your family’s safety is bonding and grounding of the pool’s electrical system. Like your home, pool environments rely on electricity to power important equipment. Pool pumps, lights, most heaters and other pool equipment are powered by electricity. The pump that moves pool water and keeps it clean could not operate without electricity. Pool lights would not illuminate the water in the evening. Electric powered pool heaters would not maintain the water at a comfortable temperature. The same goes for other pool equipment. When electricity is properly connected, your pool is up and running! But if it is not properly connected, small amounts of electricity may be felt by pool occupants and their safety may be compromised. A properly connected pool electrical system is an important but largely unknown element of pool safety. Unless you are an electrical engineer or electrician, you probably don’t think much about your pool’s electrical system. Fortunately the engineers at Hayward Pool are thinking about it all the time. We are focused on the safe use and enjoyment of your pool, so electrical safety is a priority. To ensure your family’s safety we design pool equipment that takes into consideration electrical safety. We also support your local pool professionals to help them to create a safe pool installation. Let’s dive into bonding and grounding the pool’s electrical system, a largely misunderstood concept of pool safety. We can look at the difference between bonding and grounding and explore how they work together to ensure your electrical safety poolside. What is bonding? Bonding is the process by which the electrical and metallic components of the pool are joined together with a wire to form a non-resistive path between the components. The goal of bonding is to connect, contain and prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people and pets. Bonding connects the pool’ s electrical and non-electrical metal components into a network that contains the electricity. The low impedance path back to the power source allows the harmful current to flow and trip the breaker at the panel. Without a bonding system in place, you might conduct stray electrical current when touching the metal pool rail or pool water. What is grounding? Grounding is the process by which the bonded pool components are connected to the earth. The goal of grounding is to direct and dissipate any harmful electrical current to the ground and away from pool equipment, people and pets. Grounding connects the pool’s electrical network to the electrical panel and then to the earth to direct and dissipate excess electricity. Without a grounding system in place, people or pool equipment may

Universal H-Series ASME Gas Heater Now in 500,000 BTU

Hayward Commercial is proud to present the Universal H-Series ASME gas heater in 500,000 BTU. Alongside our 250,000 and 400,000 BTU heaters, the 500,000 BTU is optioned with natural gas or propane. This 500K BTU heater extends the already versatile line with greater speed to heat and unmatched performance for any application. With only 2 heaters delivering 1 million BTU’s, the 500K BTU heater has been designed for minimal space requirements. Designed to provide simple operations, all Hayward ASME heaters are equipped with a single front panel menu, for effortless programming and servicing. With straightforward gas valve adjustment and independent left or right side electric, water, and gas connections, the H-Series Heaters versatility allows them to facilitate any pump room design. Our heaters are made for reliability with non-corrosive feet, “forced draft” combustion, and electronic temperature lock-out. Covered by a three year warranty on parts and labor, this heater is ready for you to try. The Features You Need In Your Commercial Pool & Spa Heater:  

‘Try It, Spec It, Love It’ Program

The Hayward Commercial division is pleased to announce the launch of our new Try It, Spec It, Love It Program. Designed to introduce commercial pool builders, servicers and management companies to specific, category-leading products from Hayward Commercial Pool, the program affords the opportunity to purchase at discounted prices on a limited basis. The reason? We are confident that our technology-focused wedge products will open doors to broader opportunities. Now through December 31, 2015, you can experience the Hayward difference when you try out one or more select products from our growing lineup at a significant savings. The products included in the Try It, Spec It, Love It Program are: Part Number Description Max Qty HCSC60 Saline C® 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator 2 CAT-4000-WIF CAT 4000® Controller with Wi-Fi® Transceiver 1 CAT-4000-CELL CAT 4000® Controller with Cellular Transceiver 1 CAT-5000-WIFI CAT 5000® Controller with Wi-Fi® Transceiver 1 CAT-5000-CELL CAT 5000® Controller with Cellular Transceiver 1 LPWUS11100 Universal CrystaLogic® 500W Equivalent White LED 12V, 100′ cord 5 LPLUS11100 Universal CrystaLogic® 300W Equivalent White LED 12V, 100′ cord 5 LSLUS11100 Universal CrystaLogic® 100W Equivalent White LED 12V, 100’ cord 5 Simple as 1-2-3. To participate in the Try It, Spec It, Love It Program, click here. An Inside Sales Representative will follow up with all submitted requests. Staying on the cutting edge of advanced, innovative and efficient solutions for commercial pools and spas has never been easier—or more affordable. See full terms at

UV & Ozone for Secondary Disinfection

Recreational water illnesses are on the rise and the recommended Model Aquatic Health Code is facilitating education to align public officials and the swimming pool trade on the necessary steps to eliminate outbreaks. By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to an article published in Water Quality Products magazine, titled “UV & Ozone for Secondary Disinfection” which discusses the recommendation made in the CDC’s recently issued Model Aquatic Health Code to employ UV or Ozone as secondary disinfectants in aquatic facilities for the purpose of combating recreational water illnesses caused primarily by chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium.  A review of the science of how chlorine, UV and Ozone act to disinfect microorganisms is presented along with a discussion of why and how the combination of chlorine with UV or Ozone makes for a logical and prudent water disinfection strategy. The reader will discover that UV and Ozone are excellent disinfectants in their own right, but like chlorine, they are not the be-all, end-all solution. In fact, the strengths of UV and Ozone complement chlorine nicely and a disinfection strategy that pairs chlorine with UV or Ozone is a sound approach. Click Here to Read the Full Article

Hayward’s Pool Products, Tools, and Resources

At Hayward, we’re more than just equipment. Our objective is to make your pool experience worry and hassle-free. That’s why our equipment is engineered to last and work smart at keeping your pool sparkling clean and trouble free. We strive to ensure that your Totally Hayward™ System operates at maximum efficiency all season long. Our goal is that at the end of the day, your only concern is to turn your equipment on and off. Whether you are trying to create the perfect backyard environment, reduce operating and maintenance costs through the ease of wireless controls, Hayward is your single source solution. Our products include a complete line of technologically advanced pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners, lighting, controls and salt chlorine generators—high-quality components engineered to work together to keep your pool at its best. Hayward aims to take the worry out of pool ownership by developing products that are efficient, require little maintenance and add value to your investment. Hayward even has the tools you’ll need from calculators to mobile apps, product videos to digital e-books and much, much more! See below for specific resources offered. Digital E-Books Buyer’s Guide FlipBook The Hayward Buyer’s Guide comes complete with new pool product information, technical specifications, applications, and product features. New Products FlipBook Our new pool products are now available in the Hayward Flipbook. Applications Buyer’s Guide App You can now download Hayward Pool Product’s Buyer’s Guide and part’s list. This guide includes new pool product information, technical specifications, applications, and specific product features. Best of all, you can download it now and have it available for offline reading later. The Buyer’s Guide and Part’s List is available for download on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices. Included are the products SKU’s and part numbers of the residential and commercial finished goods line. Remote Pool Management System: AquaConnect App Hayward AquaConnect® gives you four ways to manage every essential pool, spa, and backyard function. AquaConnect Web allows you to manage your pool via the internet from nearly anywhere. And now, the NEW AquaConnect App, available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™, makes it easier to access your pool from your smart device. It also streamlines platform use in order to allow easy setting changes, thus makes diagnostics easier to read as well. Calculators Energy Solutions Calculator Using our energy solutions calculator you will not only save money by paying less in energy bills, you will be able to select an optimized and efficient Hayward pool system that works best for you. Water Chemistry Calculator The Hayward water chemistry calculator will figure out exactly how much salt, pH, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, hardness, and phosphates, your pool needs. Cross Reference Charts Here at Hayward we have already done the work for you. We have put together a series of cross reference charts that you will be able to use in order to find the closest suggested Hayward replacement for other manufacturers’ equipment. Allow Hayward to guide you through your decision by browsing

The Advantages of Hayward Variable-speed Pumps

Pool pumps are critical to circulating water and operating most other pool equipment. Hayward variable-speed pumps can help pool owners save energy and money, enjoy a quieter poolside environment, and protect their family with Hayward’s advanced technology. These pumps are engineered for efficiency, safety, noise-reduction, dependability and performance. They also stand up to the most demanding installation requirements and set the standard for pool, spa and waterfall pumps. Hayward’s EcoStar variable-speed pumps are the most energy efficient pumps at any speed. The EcoStar SVRS even provides an added layer of protection with the greatest opportunity to save energy and money. NSF and UL rated, Hayward pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, and efficient operation. Features of Hayward Variable-Speed Pumps Permanent magnet motor for improved energy efficiency Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor for improved reliability Programmable digital interface which can be repositioned to be accessible from any direction Hayward pumps are ENERGY STAR® certified, demonstrating a commitment to help protect the environment by encouraging superior energy efficiency. In fact, Hayward’s lineup of variable-speed pumps can save up to 90% in energy costs over ordinary single speed pumps. Cost and Energy Savings Hayward variable-speed pumps were featured on “Burrous Bargains”, a popular Los Angeles KTLA 5 news program. News Anchor Chris Burrous reported on the many benefits of replacing your pool’s single-speed pump with Hayward’s variable-speed pump. In this segment, Burrous reported on the cost savings generated by replacing inefficient single speed pool pumps with Hayward’s variable-speed pumps. According to Burrous, single speed pumps use lots of energy and cost an average of $1740 per year to run. In contrast, variable-speed pool pumps use much less energy, costing only $145 a year and generate substantial savings for homeowners. Although the new pumps cost about $1250, you will recoup that money quickly with the cost savings from reduced energy usage. Some local municipalities may even offer money-back rebates, such as Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) $1,000 rebate program. See Burrous Bargains’ complete report. Safety The pool pumps with the SVRS feature also increase the safety of your pool. In his report, Chris Burrous cited the frightening experience of singer Usher, in which his son narrowly escaped drowning when he became stuck to the drain at the bottom of the pool. Variable-speed pumps with Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) turn off when it senses that someone becomes stuck to the drain. This feature then releases the suction of that drain, which would free the person stuck. Automation A number of Hayward variable-speed pool pumps can be integrated into advanced pool automation systems such as Hayward’s OmniLogic. This allows you to set timers that allow the pump to run at different speeds throughout the day without you having to lift a finger. See the differences between a variable-speed pump and a single-speed pump. Time to Replace Your Pump You can save energy and money; enjoy a quieter poolside environment, and if using an EcoStar SVRS, protect your family too. Contact

What is a SwimClear Single Element Cartridge Filter?

Hayward® SwimClear reaches new horizons in cartridge filter technology due to its industry leading hydraulic performance and filtration efficiency, reducing energy costs and improving water clarity. These filter tanks are made from a reinforced co-polymer material for the ultimate in strength, durability and long life – even for the toughest applications and environmental conditions. SwimClear single element filters are simply the most efficient single element cartridge filters ever produced. They capture more dirt for superior water clarity without the need of supplemental media or backwashing while the industry’s lowest head loss reduces energy costs by allowing the pump to run at a lower speed or for less time. Cartridge filters conserve up to 92% on water by rinsing the cartridge filter elements versus backwashing like you would typically do with other pool filters. SwimClear is also the easiest cartridge filter to service due to the Easy-LokTM ring design, ergonomic grip handles and lowest lift height which provides fast cleaning and element replacement. For energy savings, reliable performance and cleaner, purer water, the choice is crystal clear: SwimClear. Have you tried the new SwimClear Single Element Cartridge Filter yet? Connect with us on Facebook, Google+ and Houzz to see how we can help transform your ordinary backyard pool into your dream pool.