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New PoolComm Mobile App Ready For Download

FREE Mobile App Download Hayward PoolComm App is available for FREE download for iPhone and Android.  Text POOLCOMM to 63566 today to download the App.  Or you can get it at the Apple® App Store for iPhone® or Google Play™ Store for Android™. Now, more than ever, you can monitor and maintain several pools all from an app on your smart phone. Remote water quality management truly at your fingertips! More on the Free Mobile App    

Brad Fox Joins Hayward Commercial As National Sales Manager

Brad Fox’s extensive experience enhances the commercial team.  In his new role, Brad has assumed responsibilities for directly managing and overseeing Hayward’s entire U.S. Commercial sales team. Fox previously served as general manager and CEO of Waterco USA, Inc, based in Augusta, Georgia.  He brings several years of experience working in the Class A and B swimming pool market, as well as the industrial water treatment space.  He also has an excellent working knowledge of the specification and engineering community and brings strong relationships with both commercial builders and distribution channels. “We are extremely confident that Brad’s experience will accelerate our growth of industry relationships and in turn, our business development,” said Patrick Sweeney, General Manager of Hayward Commercial.  “It is exciting to have him join our team, as we look to further enhance our growth strategy for Commercial.  We have full confidence that Brad will help deliver unprecedented results for the Commercial Pool Products business”. Please join us in welcoming Brad to the Hayward team!

New Pure-Blu™ line is an economical and durable solution for facilities requiring NSF-certified valves

The new Pure-Blu BYCN Series Butterfly valves for the commercial market are certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and provide an economical solution for systems where NSF Certified valves may be required. The Pure-Blu Series valves are available in sizes 2″ – 8” with either hand lever or gear operators. The wafer body design and ergonomic blue handle give the Pure-Blu a distinctive look and feel, but they’re highly durable for the commercial market.  The valves feature a maximum pressure rating of 150psi / 10 bar for all sizes, and a service temperature of up to 140°F / 60°C. Product features include: •           Distinctive Ergonomic Blue Handle •           Wafer Body Design •           Fits ANSI 125 or PN10 Flange Patterns •           PVC Body & PVC Disc per ASTM D1784 Cell Class 12454 •           316SS One-Piece Shaft •           EPDM Booted Seat •           ISO 5211 Mounting Pad •           9 Position Throttle Plate Additional Pure-Blu options include electric or pneumatic actuation and monitoring controls.  Typical applications and/or installations include (but are not limited to): commercial pools, potable water systems/commercial plumbing and water/theme parks.

Wi-Fi Ready CAT Controllers and New PoolComm Mobile App make Monitoring and Adjusting pools even Easier

FREE App Download PoolComm App is available for FREE download for iPhone and Android. Simply text POOLCOMM to 63566 to download the App.  Or get it at the Apple App Store for iPhone® or Google Play Store for Android™.  The PoolComm App is a more accessible, user-friendly way to dynamically control water quality, create compliance charts, audit tracking and view alarms fed from CAT 4000® and CAT 5000® controllers.  Wireless, web-based CAT Controller models now available with Wi-Fi communications No monthly or annual usage fee via PoolComm Faster Communication protocols Retrofit kits available for existing controller installations* *Controller board revisions prior to CAT 4000 Rev. G and CAT 5000 Rev. D cannot be converted to Wi-Fi CAT 4000 Wi-Fi Models CAT 5000 Wi-Fi Models

Hayward Named Manufacturing Marvel

Hayward was featured in a segment of “Manufacturing Marvels” aired on the FOX Business Network, Tuesday, May 21 at 8:30- 8:45 PM CDT.  Watch the video. “Manufacturing Marvels” spotlights American manufacturers across a variety of industries.  Marvel Production Group, LLC (MPG) visited Hayward’s Nashville facility to film a segment on the company’s production and manufacturing methods of its technologically-advanced heaters and heat pumps solutions.  MPG highlighted Hayward’s highly-efficient, lean manufacturing process, and its products that are produced in a one-piece flow aligning with customer demands. The Manufacturing Marvels segment highlighting Hayward was produced by award winning producers Bob and Jerry May and narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent John Criswell. “We are incredibly proud of the advanced manufacturing techniques that we have perfected to create highly-technical, energy-efficient, state of the art pool products,” said Vice President of Global Operations Don Smith.  “Our goal is to help pool owners save on energy costs, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying their pools.  Hayward’s environmental mission led to the development of our Energy Solutions® line of products, which reduce energy, water and chemical use.  We offer breathtaking, energy-efficient color LED lighting that allows pool owners to create themes for perfect poolside events.  Salt chlorination delivers the ultimate swimming experience that is as easy on the wallet as it is on eyes and skin.  Automatic pool cleaners and controls save money and reduce pool maintenance time.  But the biggest energy saver is with our variable-speed pumps—up to a 90% energy savings.  They also meet the ENERGY STAR® certification requirements recently finalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This is the first ENERGY STAR specification for pool pumps established by the EPA, and is part of the program’s overall commitment to help prevent climate change by encouraging superior energy efficiency.  So, when Marvel Production Group approached us about taping at our facility, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to showcase our process, practices and products.” Watch the video.    

Hayward Commercial Pool Water Chemistry Management Mobile App is ready for FREE download!

The app is now available for free download at the Apple® App Store for iPhone® and the Google Play™ Store for Android™. Download PoolComm App for iPhone Download PoolComm App for Android More on the APP. Hayward Commercial Pool takes water chemistry management to another level…with the power of mobile. Now, more than ever you can experience remote water quality management at your fingertips. Multiple bodies of water can simultaneously be monitored and maintained within a mobile app on your smart phone. Yes, you really can manage and adjust all your pool facilities on-the-go…anywhere! Important pool data including pH, ORP, temperature, rate of flow, water level, chemical tank levels and more can be recorded along with any alarm conditions.  You can now check conditions and levels on the run, create reports and surveys on the way to a meeting, receive alerts and diagnose possible issues in real time, before they become problems.  You can even send alarms to other operators and technicians – ensuring rapid response with the right trained professionals. Enjoy all the conveniences of web-based water quality management from a simple and easy-to-use mobile app…New for 2013. Experience greater simplicity than ever before! Watch the Video

Different types of pumps

We’ve covered how pumps work.  Now let’s tackle the different types of pumps available on the market.   We will not get into specific horsepower, but will use Hayward models as examples and cover how pumps perform depending on their design. There are three basic types of single speed pumps (variable speed pumps will be covered in a later article); low head, medium head and high performance.  Back in the old days, the bronze pump was the standard.   Most manufacturers did not market the pump types as this was the primary pump used.   As composite material became available, and close face impellers came to the forefront, we saw the changing face of pump types. Low-head pumps are designed for high flow, at low head pressures.   Normally these pumps are used for waterfalls or water features where there is little or no back pressure (no filter, heater or other restrictions to flow).   When we say low head pressure, this means the pump will not operate properly above 20-25 feet of head.   These pumps require large pipes and are perfect when water doesn’t need to be pumped higher than 10 feet.   Hayward offers two low-head pumps – the TriStar Waterfall Pump, 75 and 120GPM.   Also, these pumps normally run at 1725RPM (normal RPM, or Revolutions per Minute, is 3450) and have a large impeller. Medium-head pumps are the work horses of the pool business.  They are designed to provide water circulation up to approximately 80 feet of head pressure.    They are very forgiving pumps – as it is hard to cavitate a medium head pump.  On pool-only applications (no spa or water features) medium-head pumps are king.  Hayward has two medium-head pumps, the Super Pump® and the Max-Flo XL™ line of pumps.   When you only need to circulate the water, medium-head pump are usually the right choice for 1.5 & 2” plumbing. High performance pumps became necessary as pool designs became more complex.  The addition of spas and water features put demands on pumps that they couldn’t handle and forever changed the market.   Newer popular applications with spas, slides and other water features, require pumps that can overcome higher head pressures and higher restriction to flow to provide the water necessary for proper operation.   Hayward makes the Super II™ and TriStar® High Performance pumps. As pumps evolved over the years, many hydraulic problems came to light.  The most common issue is when the wrong pump type is used for the application and improper pipe sizing.   We often hear of high-performance pumps being used improperly in medium and low-head applications.  When a high-performance pump is used on a low-head  application, (such as with a waterfall with little back pressure) the pump will be very noisy as it usually requires some back pressure for quiet operation.   Other problems arise when piping is improperly sized.  This first came to light when spas were added to pools and we wanted one pump to do the job for both.  If you have a pool needing 50GPM for circulation and