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New Free Mobile App for AquaConnect® Pool Management

Would you like to access your pool from anywhere; from your mobile phone with no monthly service fees or App charge?  You can with Hayward’s new Mobile iPhone® and iPad® App for AquaConnect and it’s FREE.  Hayward’s AquaConnect remote pool management platform has been helping pool owners and the trade to simplify pool and spa maintenance for years.  But now, it’s even easier to use with the introduction of their FREE mobile app.  You’ve always been able to access settings and diagnostics via the web, this new App just streamlines what you see on your phone, making changing turning on/off functions and changing settings with your smart phone much easier and convenient. About AquaConnect Designed for busy pool owners who may travel frequently, have vacation homes or have multiple pools in various locations, Aqua Connect Web can help identify problems remotely so adjustments can be made from anywhere. Traditional pool remote controllers are great, but they can only be used in and around your pool.  AquaConnect gives you total control from anywhere – with access to more than 100 pool and spa conditions, parameters and settings.  This premium remote management service is ideal for busy pool owners who want to monitor and control their pools from any location, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using their phones.  You can also have your pool service company monitor and maintain your pool with Aqua Connect. More about Aqua Connect. Download the iPhone® App in the Apple® Store Today!

Replacing D.E.

After backwashing your Diatomaceous earth filter (D.E.), you’ll need to replace it.  The process of replacing D.E. is also known as recharging your filter.  You should always protect yourself by wearing a mask when handling and dispensing D.E. About D.E. D.E. is a soft, chalk-like sedimentary rock that is ground into an off-white powder.  It is used to coat the grids in your filter housing and act as tiny sieves that can trap particles or debris as small as 2 to 5 microns. What does this mean? This fine powder thrives and adheres extremely well to wet surfaces and holds on tight until backwashing.  If it’s great in a pool filter environment under high pressure, just imagine how it would do in your lungs if breathed in.  So protect yourself by adhering to the safety instructions found on your D.E packaging. D.E. Filter Frequently Asked Questions More on D.E. Filters

New Salt Chlorinator for Residential, In-ground Pools up to 125K Gallons

Pool owners with larger pools, pools over 40,000 gallons, historically had a dilemma if they wanted salt chlorination on their pools.  Historically…they had to double up their Salt Cells to accommodate chlorinating their pools.  This is an added expense from an equipment and installation standpoint. Well that’s all changed!  Hayward recently introduced Saline C 6.0 – a Single Vessel Salt Chlorine Generator that can accommodate larger pools beautifully.  In fact, it can chlorinate residential pools up to 125,000 gallons.  That would be a very large pool with some very high-chlorine production needs! Saline C 6.0 was originally introduced to the commercial pool market – so you know it’s rugged-enough for these large volume applications.  Here is how Saline C’s features shake out. Saline C 6.0 Salt Chlorination Feature Set: For in-ground pools up to 125,000 gallons Single vessel and power supply eliminates the need for daisy chaining multiple cells Clear vessel makes it easier to inspect Reduces sanitizing costs by 40% to 60% vs. traditional chemical chlorine Reverse polarity self-cleaning technology Plug N’ Play chemical automation Simple, low cost installation vs. multiple cell alternatives NSF-Certified to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine per day

Keep Chlorine and pH Fighting For You, Not Against You

Who knew chlorine and pH are so important when it comes to sanitizing pool water and killing germs?  We do and so do the experts at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Chlorine and pH can both pack a punch; just make sure they’re fighting for you, not against you.  Here’s how to get and keep them in your corner. Protecting swimmers from recreational water illnesses (RWIs) is the reason you need to regularly check both chlorine and pH levels.  Chlorine and pH are the first line of defense against germs that can make swimmers sick.  Consistent, proper chlorine level is vital to clean healthy pool water.  But for all your germ-killing efforts, we know that there are things and circumstances that can throw your chlorine levels off.  Sunlight, dirt and debris, and all the things that swimmers, – never mind the family dog – bring to the water, – like detergents, shampoo and sunblock – can diminish the effectiveness of chlorine. Test water often Treat water as needed keeping chlorine between 1.0 – 3.0 ppm and pH between 7.2 – 7.8 Keep your water consistently balanced, reducing unhealthy chemical highs and lows 2 reasons why is pH important? The germ-killing power of chlorine varies with pH level.  As pH goes up, the ability of chlorine to kill germs goes down A swimmer’s body has a pH between 7.2 and 7.8, so if the pool water isn’t kept in this range then swimmers will start to feel irritation of their eyes and skin.  Keeping the pH in this range will balance chlorine’s germ-killing power while minimizing skin and eye irritation. Source: CDC

Beach Entry Pools and Automatic Pool Cleaners

Incorporating an automatic pool cleaner into your cleaning regiment can be a real time saver.  But, there are some things you need to consider when making your selection – namely choosing the right automatic pool cleaner for pools with beach entries. Beach entries are a gorgeous addition to pools.  They add a more tropical ambiance to pools and are great for younger swimmers. When choosing an automatic pool cleaner for pools with beach entries, it’s important to select a cleaner that is designed specifically for these applications. You see…pool cleaners need to be in the water to work.  If they run dry or out of the water, the motor can burn out.  So it’s important to select the right pool cleaner, one that has a sensor and redirects its path, when it goes out of the water.  So protect your investment by selecting the right pool cleaner for the job. Automatic Pool Cleaners Designed for Beach Entries:  SharkVAC XL by Hayward is specifically designed for pools with beach entries and has many other great features such as 94% energy efficiency over pressure cleaners.  Plus, it scrubs pool floors AND walls! Check out Hayward Rebates.

New 150’ models for Universal ColorLogic® and CrystaLogic™ LED Light Lines

Hayward responded to a common pool owner challenge by offering lighting cables in extended lengths for its Universal ColorLogic and Universal CrystaLogic LED light lines.  The new models are now available in 150’ lengths to accommodate those pools and spas that are at a greater distance from their respective pool pads. We received feedback from the field that Universal ColorLogic and CrystaLogic are great, but some pool and spa configurations require longer cables.  We pride ourselves in being responsive to these unique applications, so we are bringing a longer lighting cable to this family. Hayward introduced Universal ColorLogic LED lighting, the first color-changing, LED lights that are designed to brilliantly illuminate nearly any existing pool and spa with breath-taking color, in May 2012.  Universal CrystaLogic white LED lighting, which was also introduced last year was recently expanded to include a 500 watt light.  Both light lines are considered to be a breakthrough as the industry’s first color and white LED pool and spa lights to be UL Listed for safe installation in virtually any niche. Universal ColorLogic key features: – 100% brighter than any color LED light (based on measured test data at time of release) – Illuminates most pools in vibrant color with a single light – Breathtaking 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows – Simple light switch control or remote control with ProLogic automation – J-Box and Wall Mount Pool Lighting Transformer for easy high-to-low-voltage conversion Universal CrystaLogic key features: – Brightest 100W equivalent Spa, and 300W and 500W equivalent pool lights on the market – Energy and maintenance savings can deliver a payback in less than 2 years Features that apply to both: – Only LED pool and spa lights UL listed to be installed in nearly any pool or spa niche – 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic design with unbreakable lens eliminates the requirement for either a bond or ground wire – Use up to 86% less energy than incandescent lights – Last 10 X longer than a standard light – no need for service – Can be installed in as little as 4” below the waterline and upward facing without rock guard – Thin Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction – 300 watt transformer available for Universal CrystaLogic and multi-light installations – 30, 50,100 and now 150 foot cable models available – Ships with smooth white and silver luster starburst trim rings.  Additional rings are available in black, blue, beige, gray and white starburst