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Replacing D.E.

After backwashing your Diatomaceous earth filter (D.E.), you’ll need to replace it.  The process of replacing D.E. is also known as recharging your filter.  You should always protect yourself by wearing a mask when handling and dispensing D.E. About D.E. D.E. is a soft, chalk-like sedimentary rock that is ground into an off-white powder.  It is used to coat the grids in your filter housing and act as tiny sieves that can trap particles or debris as small as 2 to 5 microns. What does this mean? This fine powder thrives and adheres extremely well to wet surfaces and holds on tight until backwashing.  If it’s great in a pool filter environment under high pressure, just imagine how it would do in your lungs if breathed in.  So protect yourself by adhering to the safety instructions found on your D.E packaging. D.E. Filter Frequently Asked Questions More on D.E. Filters

Pool building tips from Pool Professionals!

Pool building tips from the pros Are you in the market for a new pool?  Check out what a couple of terrific pool builders had to say about selecting a reputable builder, what to look out for, trends and more.   To find a pool pro in your area, check out our builder locator.  Good luck! Pool building tips from California Pools How do I choose a builder?  Do your research. Check with the state licensing board and the BBB for a list or reputable builders.  Does the builder have complaints?  Are they properly insured and bonded?  Find out how long they have been in business and always ask for customer referrals.  Also make sure to see some the builders recently completed projects. Judge for yourself if you like their quality of work.  Have at least three quotes before you make your decision. How do I budgeting and watch for hidden costs?  How do I get financing? The best way to watch for hidden cost is to have a clear and concise contract and building plans from your pool builder. All agreements should be in writing. Financing is not easy to come by these days.  If you do not have equity in your home to finance your building your pool via a 2nd mortgage then another  option might be to apply for unsecured lending (ie personal line of credit). How long will it take? We can only speak for California Pools, but most of their pool projects are completed within 4 to 6 weeks. What are some design and lifestyle trends? Travertine paver decking LED pool and spa lighting Varied elevations (ie raised pool wall, raised deck areas, sunken swim up bars) Fire pits, fire pots and fire and water effects Natural products like stone facing, pebble interior and boulder waterfalls Backyards transformed into another family room or an extension of the home’s living space. What can I do to make my pool as safe as possible? Install child safely barriers per your city’s building code. Supervision is also key. No pool fence, alarms or door locks can ever replace adult supervision. For more tips and an amazing photo gallery, visit California Pools and Landscape. Pool Building tips from Klapprodt Pools. What do I need to know before building a pool?  What are the things nobody asks and are surprised by later? Most customers assume that all pool builders are going to do the same thing.  You need to understand what is really included in your construction agreement.  Ask your builder what about possible situations that could come up – electric lines, drainage lines or weeping walls can change the price of your agreement. What can I expect from the construction process? A good company will communicate clearly what you can expect from the construction process.  Good communication is the key to making sure everything goes very smoothly. What are my design and lifestyle options? A good builder will ask a lot of questions and listen to their clients to find

Looking for “Best in Class” Commercial Pool Equipment? Hayward’s Got Them

The choice is clear! Become a part of Hayward Commercial and experience quality products and outstanding service! Building on established market leading platform technologies, Hayward has added new, innovative, high performing, energy efficient products to offer customers a long awaited choice of modern equipment, targeted exclusively for commercial pools and spas. Hayward Commercial gives you a choice of technologically advanced commercial products to keep your facilities and your business running smoothly. Our line of products includes: Variable speed pumps with or without SVRS Large horsepower self-priming HCP pumps Heavy duty fiberglass filters Eco-friendly cartridge filters ASME gas heaters Robotic cleaners Chemical automation LED lights Flow Control Valves Sanitization Integrated safety devices Wireless web-based communication systems that is revolutionizing the way commercial facilities are managed A complete line of parts and accessories We not only have the products but a dedicated and experienced team of commercial representatives for reliable and continued support. And, don’t forget, whenever you purchase our commercial products, you can receive points in our Totally Hayward Program . You can reward your sales team, business associates and even yourself with trips, wearables, electronics, gift cards, merchandise or even cash.