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Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS): The Latest in Pool Safety

The latest development in pool safety, Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) is found in your pool pump. Pool owners will want to consider adding a pump equipped with a safety vacuum release system to help prevent entrapment, which may result in serious injury or drowning. Why should you consider installing a Pump with SVRS? The drain(s) at the bottom of the pool works to supply water to the pool pump, where it is filtered. The pump draws the water into the drain through suction. If an object covers the drain, the pump continues to exert suction in an effort to draw water into the pump. Swimmers have been entrapped when their hair or other body part came into contact with the drain, with the potential of serious injury or death. A Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) helps prevent suction entrapment. Here’s how it works: SVRS monitors pool pump pressure. When a drain is blocked by an object, SVRS detects the change in pressure. In a stand-alone system, SVRS releases a vent, allowing the object to be released. In a pump equipped with the system, SVRS shuts the motor down, allowing the object to be released. If the trapped object is a person, SVRS may prevent injury and may even save a life. Safety recommendations to prevent suction entrapment A suction vacuum release system is a recommended safety feature for home pools and is required for all commercial swimming pools by the Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007. The purpose of the Act is to prevent pool and spa drain entrapment. The Act requires all public pools and spas to have compliant drain covers and an additional anti-entrapment system, such as SVRS, when there is a single blockable drain. The National Swimming Pool Foundation offers additional information and resources from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about making pools and spas safer. CPSC safety guidelines have been referenced in many state and local building codes. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals has excellent information about drain cover safety and entrapment protection. One of their many helpful recommendations: “Never run your pump at higher speeds than the recommended maximum. High water velocity can contribute to suction entrapment.” Installing SVRS in your pool, spa or hot tub In ground pools, above ground pools, spas and hot tubs can be made safer with the simple addition of a suction vacuum release system. Hayward’s EcoStar SVRS variable speed pump offers pool owners the additional layer of suction entrapment protection. It is also the industry’s most energy efficient pump at any speed, saving up to 90% on energy costs over a single speed pump. No additional equipment, plumbing, or wiring is needed for the safety vacuum release system. Pumps with suction vacuum release systems are an excellent safety investment that are easy to install and are affordable as well. Contact your local Hayward authorized pool professional to learn more.

The Advantages of Hayward Variable-speed Pumps

Pool pumps are critical to circulating water and operating most other pool equipment. Hayward variable-speed pumps can help pool owners save energy and money, enjoy a quieter poolside environment, and protect their family with Hayward’s advanced technology. These pumps are engineered for efficiency, safety, noise-reduction, dependability and performance. They also stand up to the most demanding installation requirements and set the standard for pool, spa and waterfall pumps. Hayward’s EcoStar variable-speed pumps are the most energy efficient pumps at any speed. The EcoStar SVRS even provides an added layer of protection with the greatest opportunity to save energy and money. NSF and UL rated, Hayward pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, and efficient operation. Features of Hayward Variable-Speed Pumps Permanent magnet motor for improved energy efficiency Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor for improved reliability Programmable digital interface which can be repositioned to be accessible from any direction Hayward pumps are ENERGY STAR® certified, demonstrating a commitment to help protect the environment by encouraging superior energy efficiency. In fact, Hayward’s lineup of variable-speed pumps can save up to 90% in energy costs over ordinary single speed pumps. Cost and Energy Savings Hayward variable-speed pumps were featured on “Burrous Bargains”, a popular Los Angeles KTLA 5 news program. News Anchor Chris Burrous reported on the many benefits of replacing your pool’s single-speed pump with Hayward’s variable-speed pump. In this segment, Burrous reported on the cost savings generated by replacing inefficient single speed pool pumps with Hayward’s variable-speed pumps. According to Burrous, single speed pumps use lots of energy and cost an average of $1740 per year to run. In contrast, variable-speed pool pumps use much less energy, costing only $145 a year and generate substantial savings for homeowners. Although the new pumps cost about $1250, you will recoup that money quickly with the cost savings from reduced energy usage. Some local municipalities may even offer money-back rebates, such as Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) $1,000 rebate program. See Burrous Bargains’ complete report. Safety The pool pumps with the SVRS feature also increase the safety of your pool. In his report, Chris Burrous cited the frightening experience of singer Usher, in which his son narrowly escaped drowning when he became stuck to the drain at the bottom of the pool. Variable-speed pumps with Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) turn off when it senses that someone becomes stuck to the drain. This feature then releases the suction of that drain, which would free the person stuck. Automation A number of Hayward variable-speed pool pumps can be integrated into advanced pool automation systems such as Hayward’s OmniLogic. This allows you to set timers that allow the pump to run at different speeds throughout the day without you having to lift a finger. See the differences between a variable-speed pump and a single-speed pump. Time to Replace Your Pump You can save energy and money; enjoy a quieter poolside environment, and if using an EcoStar SVRS, protect your family too. Contact