Get product information, tips and general advice on how to properly maintain your pool.

Pool 101: Understanding Your Pool

Would you like help in understanding your pool? Are you a new pool owner or thinking about building your dream pool? You’ve come to the right place! At Hayward, consumers reach out to us every day with questions about pool ownership. They know we are passionate about pools. We’re excited to help families enjoy a trouble-free pool experience and an improved lifestyle. Not only that, but we bring the best in technology to pool owners, with energy-efficient and cost-saving products. These are just a few of the many reasons Hayward was named EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.

Guide to Heating Your Pool

Heating your pool is the best way to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Pool heaters extend your family’s pool season and allow everyone to enjoy a swim, long after the sun has gone down. What is the best method of heating your pool? It can be confusing! And finding the best quality equipment that delivers the highest energy and operational savings can be challenging. Let’s look at the benefits and options.