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Hayward Poolside Blog: Pool Budgeting

Pool Budgeting 101: Saving Money and Energy

November 15, 2018

it makes good sense to do pool budgeting during the winter season.  You’ll want to make good equipment choices that save money and energy to maximize your budget. It can result in a beautiful and efficient backyard environment that is more than you thought you could afford. Your pool equipment choices can make a difference in our environment, reducing greenhouse gases, and saving you money. Pool owners can maximize energy savings by using technologically advanced pool products. These products are designed to operate efficiently and to use green technology in their manufacturing process. Consider professional installation and maintenance to reduce the chance of mistakes — which can result in unforeseen expenses down the line. Take advantage of the quiet winter season - develop your pool budget now to include energy efficient pool equipment. You’ll maximize your swimming pool investment by choosing the right products. Hayward has a long track record of leading the pool industry with Hayward Energy Solutions products: Conserves energy & water Saves money and time Convenient & long lasting Technologically advanced