Calculate Savings When Switching from Incadescent to LED Pool Lighting

We’ve created a calculator just for you – to demonstrate how an LED light can not only transform your aquatic facilities, but drastically decrease operational costs. If you’re still not convinced as to why you should make the switch, click the link below from your computer or mobile device and see for yourself.

Simply fill in the required fields and instantaneously discover your potential financial savings by switching to Universal CrystaLogic White LED Pool and Spa Lights.

We’ve done an example for you. The screen shot below will show you an example of a commercial pool in California that uses three CrystaLogic 500W LED pool lights and one 100W spa light. The overall savings are as such: total energy savings per year of $1,906.18 with a payback in less than one year.

Depending on where you’re viewing the calculator – you’ll either see our website or mobile calculator version. The mobile-friendly calculator is available for viewing the calculator from any mobile device. It allows you to simply plug in the data while on-the-go to capture a snap shot picture of your savings.

Click here to access our Financial Savings Calculator and instantly see your savings!

Not sure how to access the calculator? Click here for instructions

Universal CrystaLogic Calculator Screen Shot