Big Savings on Installs of Universal CrystaLogic and ColorLogic with UCL Thin Niche

Hayward’s innovative UCL Thin Niche provides faster installation, and tremendous bottom-line savings for new construction.  This low profile niche mounts entirely on the front side of the rebar eliminating the need for the niche-dig or niche rebar cage – saving gunite, rebar and time.

For additional savings, the all PVC design with integral cord seal does not require bonding, grounding, GFCI breakers or Scotchcast.

Use this valuable Install Savings Calculator Tool to calculate your savings on every light you install.

Depending on where you’re viewing the calculator – you’ll either see our website or mobile calculator version. The mobile-friendly calculator is available for viewing the calculator from your mobile phone. It allows you to simply plug in the data while on-the-go to capture a snap shot picture of your savings.

Not sure how to access the calculator? Click here for instructions