Burleson Master Pools: Project Manager Gives Insight on Commercial Pool Needs

We recently had a chance to speak with Buffy Neumann, Estimator and Project Manager with Burleson Master Pools to see how and why Hayward CAT Controllers have played such an important role in the maintenance of all their commercial pools. An advocate and avid user of our commercial pool CAT Controllers, Burleson Master Pools is a leading designer, builder and servicer of residential and commercial pools.

POOLSIDE: Good morning Buffy, can you tell us a little more about Burleson Master Pools?

NEUMANN: Burleson Master Pools – based in Huntsville, Alabama, offers complete swimming pool consulting, design, installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial pool customers.  We’ve been in business since 1965 – we’re a third generation company. We offer the finest selection of pools and spas because we use a 100% gunite construction process that allows us to build pools and spas in any shape or size imaginable.  Special design features such as fountains, waterfalls, spa spillovers and lighting options can further enhance pools, creating the perfect environment desired.

POOLSIDE:  Can you tell us about your partnership with the Master Pools Guild?

NEUMANN:  Burleson Master Pools is proud of our affiliation with The Master Pools Guild.  Knowing that we can draw on the expertise of the 90 members, from all over North America, gives us the confidence and ability to tackle any project, regardless of the challenge.  It’s a wonderful organization.

POOLSIDE:  We understand you’ve expanded your business beyond Alabama, can you tell us where?

NEUMANN: We design, build and service residential and commercial pools in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

POOLSIDE:  What are your main design considerations and needs when building a commercial pool?

NEUMANN:  Property owners’ needs and the usage of the pool in terms of its size and the number of bathers using it.

POOLSIDE:  How does Hayward align with your commitment and value needs?

NEUMANN: Hayward Commercial Pool technology aligns with our needs by furnishing us with quality, energy-efficient commercial products that are extremely user-friendly and backed by a full team of support.

POOLSIDE:  What are the 3 top technologies and features that have impressed you most from Hayward Commercial Pool?

NEUMANN:  The 3 top technology features that impress us the most about Hayward Commercial Pool Products are the products’ efficiency, automation and performance – especially seen in the CAT Controllers line.

POOLSIDE:  How has the use of CAT Controllers coupled with PoolComm made managing pools easier for you and your team?

NEUMANN:  We’ve always been a fan of CAT Controllers long before they were acquired by Hayward.  The marriage between Hayward and CAT has been very beneficial to us.

We especially like the ability to remotely access our pools with PoolComm. And now that they created a PoolComm App, it makes it even easier to monitor our pools from anywhere, so there are no surprises.  We are alerted of alarms and are able to access reports for each property to use for an audit trail.  It’s a great tool that saves us time and money.

POOLSIDE:  Which CAT Controller seems to be the most valuable to your maintenance team?

NEUMANN:  We have years of experience with all. It really comes down to what we’re trying to achieve for each body of water. I guess, I would say the CAT 2000 does everything, monitors both pH and ORP but does not communicate to a platform such as PoolComm. For us, since PoolComm is our go-to monitoring platform enabling us to manage and track all our pool locations, we tend to go with either the CAT 4000 and or CAT 5000. Both are very impressive controllers and even more so very user-friendly.

POOLSIDE:  In terms of user-friendly, how simple are they?

NEUMANN: Simple! When I’m in front of a CAT Controller, I know exactly what the numbers read and most importantly which buttons to press. I’m not sitting their guessing…

POOLSIDE:  Thank you Buffy for taking the time to share with our POOLSIDE readers.  Where can our readers find out more about Burleson Master Pools?

NEUMANN: We encourage your readers to visit our web site at BurlesonMasterPools.com.  They can also find us on Facebook or on Twitter @BurlesonPool.

Buffy Neumann, from Burleson Master Pools is featured in an on-camera interview in the two video links below.  Please take a look!

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