Chemical Automation is Equivalent to a Virtual Team of Commercial Pool Servicers

Chemical Automation Helps Everyone – From Servicers, Pool Operators and Managers to Designers, Architects and Engineers

Maintaining the water chemistry of your commercial pools, spas and aquatic facilities is a full time job.  Monitoring and adjusting chemical levels and ensuring equipment is operating efficiently and effectively, on each and every property, takes a village.  Rising costs of operations and personnel presents real management challenges when trying to ensure healthy swimming water.

Your Virtual Team Has Arrived
Automating you water chemistry control is equivalent to having a full time staff 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with chemical management and pool/spa operations for all of your properties. The beauty of automating your aquatic facilities is that you dramatically limit the amount of surprises and greatly decrease room for human error.

24/7 monitoring and status updates enable you to stay ahead of issues, before they become problems. When alerts (SMS/Email) are received, you can evaluate the issue, and dispatch a fully trained technician armed with everything he or she will need to address the issue.  This is an incredible time and cost saver.

Servicers and Operators: Operational Cost Benefits
Ask yourself – what would the cost be to have a trained professional at each and every one of your properties, 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks, 365 days a year to perform continuous water chemistry tests on pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, etc., and make all required chemical adjustments accurately?  Chemical automation provides you with a simple solution.

The Expert System in Automation
The CAT Controllers® line of automated water chemistry controllers is truly every water maintenance man or woman’s’ best friend.  They are accurate and easy to use – just what every operator wants. This is especially true for commercial pool servicers and operators who oversee multiple bodies of water. These controllers are designed specifically for the commercial pool and spa market and can handle even the largest pools with very high bather loads. With Dual ORP set points and TDS/Salt monitoring, these controllers provide the ability to adhere to backup sanitization requirements with accuracy and ease when using a salt chlorine generator, a rapidly growing trend in commercial pools.

Managing Costs, Increases Profits for Property Managers
Property managers have the tough job of trying to reduce operational costs, while still keeping all of their bodies of water safe and in amazing shape.  Automating pools and spas dramatically cuts operational costs both in terms of personnel and the tools needed to get the job done.  Detailed alerts and diagnostics about the pools water chemistry enable you to better prepare your staff with information they need on all of your pools.  This means better diagnosis of issues and timely resolutions, and drastically reduced down time.

Specifying is Seamless and Easy for Engineers and Designers
All of our CAT Controllers are NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified, efficiently built to last, backed with some of the best warranties in the industry.  CAT and HCC Controllers are equipped with leading technology and ability that will satisfy the vast majority of the specification market. Newer CAT Controller models possess breakthrough features that separate them from the competition in the spec; TDS/Salt sensing and display, pH and ORP tank level monitoring, water level control and dual ORP set points for back-up sanitizers. We also offer spec binders with thumb drives that include design specifications, written bid specifications, AutoCAD design files and much more – everything you need to make your design’s a reality. All this information can be requested by clicking here.

Why Choose a CAT Controller as your Virtual Team?

Pioneered the pool industry
Automated chemical controllers have been around for over 30 years; however Hayward CAT Controllers have continued to pioneer the industry with continuous technology advances. These advances, while adding more sophisticated features, streamline processes and simplify user interfaces making the tools available easier to integrate, use and navigate.

First microprocessor-based controller
CAT Controllers were the first controllers to make a microprocessor-based controller for better accuracy when maintaining water chemistry. These controllers were also the first to introduce wireless, web-based communications to help builders protect their warranties and service companies to better maintain their accounts.

Controls pH, ORP, conductivity/TDS
The CAT Controllers line has something for every level of services needed. We offer controllers that give you the ability to control your pool’s pH and ORP, to more sophisticated controllers with conductivity/TDS, back-up sanitization and even internet-based monitoring via any computer, iPhone®, Android™ or web-enabled mobile device. We even took internet-based, remote monitoring one step further with the availability of a mobile app, to simplify monitoring and control while on the road.

State Health Departments Require ORP Testing
ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) measures the oxidizing capacity in water. It is a proven measurement mandated for commercial pool sanitization. ORP is not fooled by the effects of pH, TDS (Total dissolved solids) and other factors. Only ORP can deliver further detailed analysis of the more important Free Chlorine. It differentiates Free Chlorine’s components HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) and OCI- (Hypochlorite ion). OCI- is a slow-acting sanitizer and HOCL is up to 300 times more effective. ORP targets HOCL, a more fine-tuned measurement of the effectiveness of Chlorine and water quality.

Exhaustive global studies have reported on the relationship between ORP and Chlorine’s activity with bacteria concluding that ORP is the only significant predictor of water bacterial quality.  Subsequently, in most states, the highly regulated commercial pool industry either requires or recommends ORP testing.

Finally, the End of Green Pools
Green pools are the enemy – forcing pool managers to shut down, driving patrons to another property – your competition.  Nothing kills a pool manager’s reputation and profits faster than unsafe, green pools.  The only way to avoid them is continuous surveillance.

Monitoring ORP and pH, adjusting chlorine output and chemicals as needed automatically is the easiest way to ward off green pools and maintain safe water. Your crew just can’t be everywhere and water chemistry can change very quickly.

Saline C 6.0

Chemical automation will take on the heavy lifting of water quality management. CAT Controllers ORP and pH sensors, unlike others on the market, use a proportional feed algorithm that continuously test the water, sampling pH and sanitizer activity, adjusting chemical feeding on a basis proportional to the demand. Other approaches don’t sample the water often enough and release larger doses, which is far less effective often creating swings of  chemical highs and lows, similar to a manual approach. CAT Controllers featuring automatic TDS/Salt level management can be combined with the Hayward Saline C 6.0 commercial salt chlorinator. The combination results in silky-soft, healthy water that is sure to attract patrons again and again.

This is what CAT Controllers do! We would love to answer any questions you may have with regards to monitoring the water quality of your commercial facilities. Please comment on our Facebook or Google+ page!

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