Experience Hayward CAT Controller’s Product Line Up

With such a diverse product line, Hayward Commercial Pool CAT Controllers are simply the best choice for any application.

CAT 1000  – The perfect enhancement for salt-chlorine systems. With the CAT 1000, pH levels in your pool are continuously monitored and adjusted so the water is always ready for enjoyment. Protect your investment and spend more time enjoying your pool instead of making routine pH adjustments.

CAT 2000 Pro-Pack – Engineered for value and ease of use. Beginning with the moment you open the box, you will notice the controller is pre-mounted on a white PVC backboard, complete with machined acrylic flow cell with rotary flow sensor as well as all the tubing and fittings you need to complete the installation. This controller is great for any application, from the basic residential pool high end commercial spas.

CAT 4000 – Using advanced technology, we make complete two-way communications as easy as plugging in the controller and launching a web browser. Forget about the need for unreliable phone lines, modems, and PC based software. Using your personal PoolComm website you can view water chemistry data, print charts or graphs, customize your settings, and receive remote alarm notifications via email or SMS. The CAT 4000 is the simple solution for your data logging, remote control, and alarm notification needs. This controller is at home in any market, especially hotels, motels, homeowner’s associations, and community pools.

CAT 5000 – Is the world’s first wireless, globally communicating, internet-based water chemistry controller. This unit really does it all! CAT 5000 communicates anywhere on the planet using direct, full-duplex satellite communications. With micro-processor based technology, the CAT 5000 offers unprecedented product quality, value and ease of use. Simply install the factory-assembled CAT 5000 system and log onto PoolComm  to activate your wireless account and begin monitoring. Using your personal PoolComm  website you can view water quality data, print charts and graphs, customize your settings and receive alarm notifications via email or SMS. This controller is ideal for higher end facilities, including the specification market.