Hayward Commercial Pool Water Chemistry Management Mobile App is ready for FREE download!

The app is now available for free download at the Apple® App Store for iPhone® and the Google Play Store for Android™.

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Hayward Commercial Pool takes water chemistry management to another level…with the power of mobile. Now, more than ever you can experience remote water quality management at your fingertips. Multiple bodies of water can simultaneously be monitored and maintained within a mobile app on your smart phone.

Yes, you really can manage and adjust all your pool facilities on-the-go…anywhere! Important pool data including pH, ORP, temperature, rate of flow, water level, chemical tank levels and more can be recorded along with any alarm conditions.  You can now check conditions and levels on the run, create reports and surveys on the way to a meeting, receive alerts and diagnose possible issues in real time, before they become problems.  You can even send alarms to other operators and technicians – ensuring rapid response with the right trained professionals.

Enjoy all the conveniences of web-based water quality management from a simple and easy-to-use mobile app…New for 2013.

Experience greater simplicity than ever before!