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Hayward Customer, Dave Amerman, Speaks About His Experience

We recently had a chance to speak with Dave Amerman, CFO and Mechanical Engineer with Langley & Taylor Pool Corporation – a leading aquatic management and Certified Pool Operator (CPO) company since 1995. Read further to see what some of Dave’s main design considerations and needs are when building and servicing a commercial pool. Also learn why Dave feels that Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generation System is a “maintenance man’s best friend.”

POOLSIDE: Good morning Dave! Can you tell us a little more about Langley & Taylor?

Amerman: Langley and Taylor Pool Corporation was founded in 1995. Since our inception, we have dedicated our entire company culture to a commitment of excellence and professionalism in the Commercial Swimming Pool Industry. Some say it, we do it. We are continually improving and always striving to be the best.

POOLSIDE:  How do you feel you stand out amongst your competition?

Amerman: Langley & Taylor Pool Corporation is a full service commercial company that has completed hundreds of successful renovation projects in middle Tennessee and surrounding areas. In our industry, too many corners can be cut in regards to pool construction and renovation. We spare no detail to make sure that new pool construction and renovations are done ABOVE industry standards. We also staff lifeguards at aquatic centers and have a maintenance department that cleans over 150 commercial and HOA pools.

POOLSIDE:  What are your main design considerations and needs when building a commercial pool?

AmermanThat would be the pump, filter, sanitizer and plumbing – basically anything that’s going to push water from the pool, through the filter, and then back in the pool again. An adequate amount of space within the equipment room is also of concern in order to ensure my maintenance team can service the pool as needed.

POOLSIDE: How does Hayward’s Commercial Pool technology align with these needs?

Amerman:  I choose Hayward Commercial Pool Products because you have solutions for all of my needs.  From my smaller class B pools to my larger class A pools. I have quite a selection for all my needs. The products are also nicely designed so that installation and/or replacement are simple and seamless.

POOLSIDE:  How does Hayward align with your commitment and value needs?

Amerman:  My clients come first.  The quality of their water is #1 for me.  Hayward stands behind their products and makes sure they do what they’re supposed to do, and if for some reason they don’t, they take care of it quickly.  They always do.

POOLSIDE:  What are the top technologies and features that have impressed you with Hayward’s commercial pool products?

Amerman:  One of the best decisions I’ve made since getting into this industry about 16 years ago, is choosing Hayward’s Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorinator. We often have very tight locations and pool’s just can’t keep the chlorine residual. We put the Saline C 6.0 in and for a year now, with 100° weather, we’re holding 3ppm with our chlorine.

I haven’t even had to clean the units yet.  I don’t have issues anymore with cloudy water or chlorine levels. I can see it working with its clear cell vessel.  It’s truly a maintenance man’s best friend. Selecting Saline C 6.0 for my pools is the best decision I’ve made.

Another top technology that impresses me is automation.  The controllers are spot on every time, always providing the most accurate readings.

And of course Hayward’s commercial pumps.  When they say they’re going to put out the right gallons per minute, they always do.

POOLSIDE:  How has the use of CAT Controllers coupled with PoolComm made managing pools easier for you and your team?

Amerman:  CAT Controllers, along with PoolComm, is a revolution in the swimming pool industry.  The simple plug and play with your ph/ORP CAT Controller and Saline C 6.0 salt system is seamless.

I can monitor my pool’s chemistry from anywhere right from the PoolComm App on my phone.  From vacation, the pool deck, anywhere – I can see anything I need without going on location or to the pump room.

I’ve got everything I need at the touch of a button.  If I need to increase the chlorination production, I can simply make the adjustment from my phone.  PoolComm has definitely been revolutionary in this industry.

POOLSIDE:  What features do you like most about PoolComm?

Amerman:  All I need is my cell phone and the mobile app.  If I receive an alarm signifying something is wrong like chemistry, I can make adjustments to pH and put out the fire before I get to the pool.  Basically it’s like I have my swimming pools in my pocket – it sometimes eliminates the need to go to the facility.

POOLSIDE:  Were there any preconceived notions about using Hayward Commercial Pool Products?

Amerman:  None, I’ve known and used Hayward Residential Products for over 15 years, so I didn’t second guess using Hayward Commercial Products.  I’ve experienced the same great results with Residential that I do with Commercial.   I would definitely recommend Hayward.

POOLSIDE:  What issues were you faced with before working with Hayward?

Amerman:  My biggest issues were finding the right set of products I need that deliver what they claim, at the right price, and that the product and I would be backed like a corporation like Hayward.  I’ll continue to use and back Hayward for as long as they continue delivering great products, with great support and continue to make my pools and I look great.

Again, I always have great support from Hayward and issues are resolved before my pool has a chance to turn cloudy.  I get the chance to work with seasoned professionals, who know the industry and my needs extremely well.

POOLSIDE:  Thank you Dave for taking the time to share with our POOLSIDE readers.  Where can our readers find out more about Langley & Taylor Pool Corporation?

Amerman: We encourage your readers to visit our web site at

POOLSIDE: Thank you again Dave for taking the time to share with our POOLSIDE readers.

Dave and Company

Featured left to right from Langley and Taylor Pool Corporation: Dave Amerman (CFO and Mechanical Engineer), Taylor White (Owner)

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