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Hot California company tells all about gaining success in the competitive commercial market.

Commercial Swimming Pool at NightToday we’re speaking with United States Pool’s General Manager Michael Silverberg about staying on top in the competitive commercial market.

Hayward: Tell our readers a little more about United States pools.

USP:  We’re a one-stop-shop.  We provide new pool construction, remodeling, surface refinishing, repairs, maintenance and products for both commercial and residential pools.

Hayward: What makes United States Pools stand out from your competition?

USP:  Our extensive knowledge combined with competitive pricing, 24-hour emergency service, incredible warranties, and available stock of over 150,000 items has enabled us to strategically grow both the retail and commercial segments of our business.

Hayward: Tell us more about the innovation you build into your clients’ pools.

USP: We offer only the best solutions to help our clients cut maintenance time and costs, as well as energy, water and chemical usage.   With salt chlorination we can deliver automated chlorination as well as a more enjoyable swimming experience.  Utilizing energy efficient, eco-friendly products such as variable speed pumps, chemical automation, heat pumps and more, we can help our customers realize dramatic annual
operational cost savings.

Hayward: How do you attract new business?

USP: We have a terrific referral base program.  Our customers are more than happy to share their positive experiences with our future clients.  Keeping our clients happy drives loyalty and in turn motivates them to refer us to their peers.

We’ve also been a Totally Hayward Partner for over 8 years.  The support is invaluable; the warranty support and co-op marketing materials we receive has helped us to increase our
brand awareness within both the commercial and consumer markets all while selling the #1 pool equipment in the industry.

Hayward: Tell us about some of your recent commercial installations.  What are some prominent features and advancements?

USP:  One of our most recent applications is in Palm Desert, CA. We re-engineered their entire aquatic facility, reducing project wide, 50hp of pump capacity saving them thousands of dollars annually on electric consumption alone. On this and other commercial applications, we couldn’t believe the flow rates we were getting from the HCP series of pumps. By using  far more hydraulically efficient pumps, we were able to achieve the same water turnover rate but with significantly less pump horse power.

Also, by using more efficient products, we have been able to build some redundancy into the design, if a single piece of equipment were to go down, it won’t shut down the entire circulation system. This really helps give our customers peace of mind that that their pool’s equipment is always up and running.

Probably our biggest attribute is that we’re a totally Hayward warranty station.  The partnership is great.  If something were ever to fail, a replacement is either stocked here or shipped immediately so we have limited down time if any.  We have built a terrific track record with our customers, not only for our company but because we installed Hayward commercial equipment and people are seeing that it works as promised.

Hayward:  If you could give advice to budding pool pros, what would it be?

USP: Take care of your customers, no matter how big or small the project or service.  We treat all of our customers with the same level of service.  We let them know how important they are to us and in return, they reward us by staying with us and becoming excellent referrals.

To learn more about United States Pools, visit them on the web or give them a call.

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