Manage All Your Commercial Pools From A Single Location

Have you heard of Hayward Commercial Pool’s remote water quality management website yet? If so, we are pleased to announce the next step in the evolution of this unique product with the launch of our newly designed PoolComm website. The fresh, new design changes of our commercial website have been carried over to the PoolComm website for an integrated look.

Since the inception of CAT® Controller’s wireless web-based controls system, PoolComm® has established itself as the leading water quality management tool.

For all existing PoolComm users, the website layout and functionality is unchanged; the changes made are primarily cosmetic to improve the user experience. The PoolComm website can be accessed directly or through the Hayward Commercial website via the ad on the left side of the homepage screen.

For those who have yet to experience this unique platform, PoolComm will revolutionize the way you manage the water quality of multiple bodies of water.

  • Can be managed through the Internet via any computer, iPhone®, Blackberry® or web-enabled mobile device
  • Allows detailed remote monitoring and control of several key operational parameters, including pH and ORP
  • The color coded alarm displays with notifications via email or text proactively alert operators or managers to potential issues; the audit trail provides a record of key data for further analysis

You will soon see why PoolComm is an invaluable tool to help meet your water quality management needs.

For your convenience, you can review the new PoolComm website using our demonstration login credentials. Log in to

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

We truly hope you enjoy your experience using our new PoolComm site!