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Interview with Master Pools Guild Member on Commercial Pool and Spa Needs

RonAveta_CommercialCustomerWe recently had a chance to speak with Ron Aveta, (Owner) of Creative Master Pools based in Lincoln Park, NJ – to discuss his perception of how commercial pools and spas are evolving and how Hayward Commercial Pool plays into his business. See the brilliance of color lighting installed on a private commercial pool!

POOLSIDE: Good morning Ron, can you tell us a little more about Creative Master Pools?

AVETA: We design, build and renovate commercial pools, including creative entertainment features that give added-value and enjoyment to our commercial property owners’ guests. We take special consideration to safety measures, functionality, energy efficiency and ease of service that will control operating costs.

We’ve worked with architects, engineers and general contractors to build and renovate commercial pools for more than 30 years. We know what it takes to meet quality and safety specifications for institutional, municipal, commercial and therapeutic use. With today’s technology, we can build pools that have features swimmers will love.

POOLSIDE:  We understand you’re a member of the Master Pools Guild. Can you tell us about that?

AVETA:  We’ve been a member of the Master Pools Guild of NJ for 20 years.  It’s a group of elite pool builders who have a lot of pride in what we do – building pools. We’re like a think tank of pool builders.

POOLSIDE:  How do you feel commercial pools and aquatic facilities are evolving?

AVETA: People want more than just a pool. Families traveling for recreation have high expectations regarding hotels, pool clubs and other recreational facilities. They want an experience! When delivered, they’ll return and tell their friends. Creative Master Pools helps create entertainment centers that boost repeat business for our clients. Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable.

POOLSIDE:  What’s hot these days in terms of design and amenities for commercial pools?

AVETA: Creative designs, with beautiful finishes and features pay off. Whether it is a new pool or a renovation, design features heighten a visitor’s experience. Some features are visual and entertaining, adding to the ambiance of the property such as color LED lighting, waterfalls, water and fire features, slides and water jets. Other features, while just as important, are “below the waterline” such as easy-entry steps and railings appreciated by less agile clients and small children.  Pool automation systems add tremendous value to the facilities managers – for managing pools, spas and features, energy efficiency and easier maintenance. Creative Master Pools pays attention to details that ultimately impact our clients’ experiences and bottom line.

POOLSIDE:  Why have you chosen Hayward Commercial Pool to be your equipment provider?

AVETA:  That’s easy. We have fantastic support from Hayward.  When you are building and servicing commercial pools of the caliber we do, it’s imperative to have great partners. Great support is everything.

Before working with Hayward, we didn’t have that level of support and it makes it very difficult for us and our clients.  If we ever need anything, someone from the Hayward team immediately helps us out. Your technical support and customer service – people pick up the phone right away.  And if the issue is more than can be addressed over the phone, you send someone out to us right away. This level of support is vital when building and maintaining commercial pools, and we’ve only had this level of support from Hayward.

On another note, we stay with Hayward because of your continuous product innovation.

POOLSIDE:  That’s great Ron, thank you. Can you expand on that with our readers?

AVETA:  When you can exceed your customers’ expectations, it’s amazing.  That is what we’re able to do with your Universal ColorLogic color and CrystaLogic white LED pool and spa lighting.  The brilliant colors and crisp white lights are fantastic; people’s excitement, when they see them, is great.  Our customers love the light shows and the control they have with them. They far surpass incandescent lighting because of their brightness and energy efficiency.

We’re also strong advocates of your CAT Controllers.  It, with PoolComm, gives us 24/7 control of our pools after they’ve been completed.  From our offices or on the road, with your PoolComm Android App, we can view our pools’ chemical composition and we can tell what is going on because we get immediate alerts. Our customers have the same ability with the App. Basically CAT Controllers allows us to see what is and isn’t working on our pools.  If we detect trouble, we can ring our client to let them know we need to make adjustments to the parameters of their chemicals.  Having this information beforehand, allows us to go to a site prepared and fix whatever is wrong before it becomes an issue.  Having CAT Controllers and PoolComm, we can assure our customers that they won’t have down time with their pool and that is very important. Because we have this control, we always know our pools are in great shape, and this gives our clients peace of mind.

POOLSIDE:  Thank you Ron, would you like to add anything else?

AVETA:  Hayward has met all of our expectations.  We will continue to use Hayward Commercial Pool products because of your high level of support and innovation.  When you have great people who are innovators, we stay ahead of the curve and our competition, and give our clients the technology and excitement they’re looking for.

POOLSIDE:  Thank for taking the time to talk with us today.  Please tell our readers how they can contact you.

AVETA: People can find us on Facebook or by visiting our web site Creative Master Pools Inc. We’re located at 163 Beaverbrook Road, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 and our phone number is 973-694-7665.

POOLSIDE: Thanks again Ron.  You can see Ron featured in the following two Hayward videos below.

See the amazing brilliance of color using Universal ColorLogic LED Color Lighting installed on a private country club swimming pool and spa – by Ron and his team at Creative Master Pools.