5 Year Warranty

New 5-Year Warranty on Next Generation HCF Series Commercial Sand Filter

Hayward Commercial Pool’s next generation sand filters now have a 5-year warranty on parts. With a warranty of this level unheard of in the commercial pool market, these sand filters reset the bar for performance, quality and continued operational excellence.

The HCF Series sand filters feature a massive 12” x 16” man-way with two viewing windows to allow for visual inspection when the filter is in operation, and non-corrosive, glass-filled ABS legs allow for better serviceability and convenience in media loading and filter inspection.  The infusion molded, gel-coated thermoset fiberglass structure is complemented with oversized grid-array laterals that improve filtration and lengthen filter cycle time. And lastly, our next generation sand filter line now includes a 34” model to fit through a standard 36” door specifically addressing the replacement market.

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