NSF Certified vs. NSF Compliant Pool Products

Designing and building products that are only NSF-compliant is not enough. When manufacturers claim their products are made from NSF-approved materials, they are asking the pool industry to take their word that their products conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 requirements. That’s not good enough. Even products that are legitimately made up of NSF-certified materials, sometimes fail to meet the Standard’s performance requirements when fully assembled and tested.

NSF testing is not mandated, unlike such products that are required to meet the Pool and Spa Safety Act, ADA, etc. Of all the relevant pool and spa industry standards and criteria, NSF/ANSI Standard 50 is special due to how it was created. Like all NSF-developed standards, NSF 50 represents a consensus of voting membership with a balance between manufacturers, users and regulatory authorities. This ensures that products evaluated and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 have the greatest acceptance. It’s the reason product manufacturers, specifiers and public health officials look for the NSF Mark – in most situations.

The purpose of NSF/ANSI Standard 50 (NSF 50) is to establish minimum requirements for materials, design, construction and performance of products integral to the water circulation systems of residential and public bodies of recreational water.

NSF offers a voluntary conformity assessment program, which includes laboratory testing, production facility audits and certification, to verify ongoing standard compliance. The registered NSF Certification Mark on a pool, spa or hot tub system component confirms that NSF has assessed and certified.

In addition, NSF conducts annual audits at each authorized production facility to assure that certified products continue to comply with the appropriate standard requirements.
Audits include:

  • Verification that only materials and components authorized are used in the fabrication of certified products
  • Review of quality assurance and quality control procedures
  • Verification that certified products are sampled and retested on schedule
  • Verification that labeling and product literature are true and accurate with respect to NSF Certification claims

Customers want to invest in swimming pool products with peace of mind and confidence that products have passed the rigorous test criteria demanded by many of the U.S. States that specifically require compliance or third-party certification of swimming pool components to NSF Standard 50.

You can Trust in Hayward for Peace of Mind

As part of a commitment to product quality, performance and protection of public health and safety, Hayward has taken the initiative to have its Chemical Controller lines submitted to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for testing. The entire CAT and HCC Chemical Controller product lines have passed through NSF testing and are listed with the NSF/ANSI Standard 50 for automated chemical controllers. Hayward is one of only a few that have controllers listed with NSF.

Other products that are NSF Certified are:

  • Variable speed pumps
  • Large horsepower, thermoplastic pumps
  • High performance sand filters
  • Heavy-duty, eco-friendly cartridge filter systems
  • Industrial-grade salt chlorine generation systems
  • An array of valves, fittings and basket strainers

According to Hayward Commercial Pool General Manager Patrick Sweeney, “Hayward continually utilizes technology to optimize product performance, efficiency and safety while enhancing the recreational water experience and reducing maintenance and operating costs.  The NSF mark provides the public with assurance that our products are engineered, manufactured and tested to the highest standards”.

For more information about NSF, visit www.nsf.org