Commercial Pool Bright Light

One Light That Is So Bright, So Universal, and So Efficient

Hayward Commercial Pool announces the extension of its Universal CrystaLogic® white LED lighting line to include a 500W equivalent light model – making it the brightest in the industry. The all-plastic, low-voltage LED light features best-in-class brightness, with incredible energy efficiency resulting in savings of up to 84%.

lightingCrystaLogic was originally introduced in May 2012.  They’re considered a breakthrough as the industry’s first white LED pool and spa lights that are UL Listed for safe installation in virtually any niche. The CrystaLogic line offers pool managers and operators an opportunity to drastically cut operational costs, while delivering game-changing performance. The 500W equivalent is truly a 500W equivalent light, surpassing overall brightness of all other lighting models currently available for the commercial pool market.

Potential savings when switching from incandescent lighting can be seen by using our CrystaLogic Lighting Calculator.

The entire CrystaLogic line is unique as it is UL listed to retrofit virtually all existing manufacturer’s niches, making it the perfect aftermarket upgrade product for lighting. The 12V, all-plastic light and niche design eliminates the need for GFCI and a bond or ground wire. For new construction, the shallow design together with a new all-plastic Thin Niche, just 2 3/4 inches deep, allows niches to be mounted to the face of the rebar saving well over $150 in material and labor per light. Per niche savings can be calculated by using our UCL Thin Niche Calculator.

Key Universal CrystaLogic White LED Lighting Features and Benefits:

  • UL listed for safe installation into virtually any pool or spa niche
  • Industry’s brightest 100W Spa, 300W and 500W equivalent pool lights based on each power rating*
  • Use up to 84% less energy than incandescent lights, and lasts up to 10X longer
  • Energy and maintenance savings can deliver payback in less than two years
  • 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic design with unbreakable lens eliminates the requirement for a bond and ground wire
  • Can be installed in a little as 4” below the waterline and upward facing without rock guard
  • UCL Thin Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction
  • 300W transformer available for all single or multi-light CrystaLogic installations
  • 30, 50 and 100 foot cable models available
  • Ships with smooth white and silver luster starburst trim rings. Additional rings are available in white starburst, black, blue, beige and gray.

*based on measured test data at time of print

For more information on Hayward Commercial Pool’s LED lighting, click here.