Watch the power of Saline C 6.0 – Hayward’s new Commercial Salt Chlorine Generation System

Hayward Commercial Pool is getting ready to unveil Saline C 6.0 commercial pool salt chlorine generator. This new eco-friendly, single vessel, low cost chlorine solution produces up to 6 pounds of chlorine per day. Key features include: commercial sizing 60,000 gallons outdoor, 90,000 indoor; compact design, single cell and power supply with easy install; industrial-grade, clear vessel and easy inspection; reverse polarity self-cleaning technology; plug n’ play chemical automation – works great with our CAT Controllers; simple 1 minute electrode removal; eliminates transportation, handling and storage of hazardous chlorine; reduces chloramines and associated odors/corrosion; energy efficient power supply draws just 4 to 6 amps; 40% to 60% lower cost per pound of chlorine vs. sodium and calcium

hypochlorite; game-changing initial investment and cost of ownership; simple, low cost installation vs. multiple cell alternatives. Coming soon in 2013!!!

Watch the video