Water Chemistry Basic Guidelines for Commercial Pools and Spas

Properly balanced water is as important for protecting swimmers’ comfort and safety as it is for protecting both your facility’s investment. Pool and spa water chemistry doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.  The key is to stay on top of it.  Test often to maintain proper water chemistry and ensure no levels are creeping out of their proper range.

Everything that enters your pool’s water affects its balance:  swimmers, rain, pollution, animals, UV rays from the sun, fertilizers, suntan lotions, you name it.

Believe it or not – every pool, each season, behaves differently and creates its own demand for different chemicals.  Your neighboring community pool, with the same system and environment may react totally different than your community pool.  Every pool also develops a pattern each season.  After observing how your commercial pools and spas react to different bather levels, rain and the environment, you will get a handle on your pools chemistry patterns and what’s required to keep the water balanced.

Below is an infographic showing you the basic guidelines for balancing water chemistry for commercial pools and spas. You can also download this infographic to print out as a cheat sheet by clicking here.