Celebrity Pools with Style

While we all can’t have the success and wealth of the biggest Hollywood stars, we can take time to admire the trappings of their wealth. This is usually done when a celebrity is kind enough to open their doors and allow us access into their homes, via pictures of course. While the home theaters and lavish bedrooms are always fun to see, it’s usually the swimming pools that end up making us all a little green with envy.


5 Fabulous Celebrity Swimming Pools

As you may have already guessed from the statue, this Olympic sized swimming pool belongs to none other than Sylvester Stallone. Sly rose to fame and celebrity status thanks to Rocky, so it’s no real surprise the iconic character should be PoolSide.

Sly Stallone's Pool

You would be excused for believing that this pool is part of some luxurious resort, but it’s actually from the home of singing sensation Cher. It’s no wonder she still looks so good if she spends time here soaking up the sun.

This is the amazing Malibu home of Cher which has gone on the market for a staggering $45 million

The home may look like a giant UFO, but it casts a shadow over a pretty spectacular pool area that belongs to none other than John Travolta. That’s a nice place to relax when you are not making movies or jetting all over the world in your own private plane.

john travolta pool

When you go to a high-priced resort, one of the greatest PoolSide features is a private cabana where you and your friends can relax in peace. Lance Armstrong adopted that cabana style for his pool, with a fireplace that makes it a great place to go and hang out all year round.


Ralph Lauren has amassed a small fortune by designing clothing, and the fruits of his labors can be seen in the many homes that he owns all over the world. None may be as wonderful as the home he owns in Colorado, where the natural looking pool has a stunning backdrop that is more than enough to take your breath away.

Ralph Lauren pool