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Delivering Ambiance – An Interview With CA Pool Pro, Alan Jackson

Everyone can create a backyard oasis for themselves – all you need is the right Pool Pro and some sound advice.  Whether you’re looking for a simple remodel or a new build, in this issue of PoolSide we’re focused on creating gorgeous backyard ambiance.  Hear what Alan Jackson of Alan Jackson Pools, a premier pool builder and remodeler in California, has to say.

POOLSIDE: Creating backyard retreats is all the rage.  From simple patio DIY makeovers, to decking resurfacing, to a complete overhaul or new build.  People want outdoor living with ambiance.   Alan, please tell us a little about what you’re finding in CA and your company philosophies.

Alan Jackson: We’re finding more and more of our customers want to amp up their outdoor living.  They’re no longer satisfied with just a standard pool and patio.  In California, were able to spend a lot of time outdoors and people’s backyards are incredibly important to them.  They want their outdoor spaces to reflect their lifestyle. Pool owners these days want tranquil resort spaces, a vacation in their own backyard, amenities at the touch of a button.

Our approach to remodels and renovations is simple.  It’s about getting to know our customers. Finding out what what’s important to them, the mood they want to create. Most importantly in a remodel we find out what’s not working for them presently. We more than satisfied customers, we want customers who refer us. Now that’s a satisfied customer, one who will pass our name on.

POOLSIDE:  What are the hottest pool and spa trends right now?

Alan Jackson: Customers want that wow factor.  They want to be surrounded by beautiful materials, to incorporate state of the art lighting, water and fire features – you name it.  On the flip side, they want to go as green as they possibly can with more efficient products.   Finally, automation.  The more we can automate for our customers, the better.  People have so little time these days to relax and unwind; we want to give them the oasis and the simplified maintenance they desire.

POOLSIDE:  What are some makeover ideas that don’t break the bank?

Alan Jackson:  Pool and decking resurfacing is very popular.  It’s a relatively quick and inexpensive way to give any pool an entirely new look.   There are a growing number of older pools out there and with a little makeover, they can look amazing.

Lighting is also huge – landscape, pool, spa and feature lighting.  Adding or upgrading lighting to an existing pool has historically been cost prohibitive for most pool owners.  Once they committed to a lighting system, they were stuck with it. But now LED lighting offers pool owners the ambience they want, even if they previously had incandescent lighting.  With Hayward Universal ColorLogic LED lighting – I can put any pool owner into LEDs, regardless of the system they currently have.  This is major for the industry – we now have awesome options for our customers.

POOLSIDE:   We’ll leave you with you a final question – why Alan Jackson pools?

Alan Jackson: Our biggest differentiator is experience and service, 34 years of it.  Every pool owner gets the same excellent service.  Whether they’ve built or remodeled a pool with us or they simply use us for service as needed.   We strive to stay with the pool owner for as long as they own their pool.   We’re also known for our knowledgeable sales staff and service and repair.  We listen to what our customers want from their backyards and we give them options with their budget in mind.  We fully disclose the processes and cost involved in their project.  Like I said, we keep our customers happy, we want that referral from them. That referral is the biggest compliment we can receive.