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Demand for Backyard Pools is Growing

The demand for backyard pools is growing as homeowners look for ways to enhance their at-home lifestyle. In fact, pools are at the center of rapidly growing consumer interest in a healthy outdoor living lifestyle. As a result, families are investing in their homes and creating backyard oases complete with beautiful backyard pools.

It’s no wonder the demand for backyard pools has skyrocketed. In the past year alone, pool sales have increased dramatically as many consumers move to larger houses with backyards. Consumers increasingly want to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle with plenty of time spent outdoors.

In addition, acceptance of the work-from-home trend has accelerated as workers have come to experience the advantages of remote work during the pandemic. Hours gained from reduced commutes have turned into free-time for recreation and relaxation. As we come out of the pandemic, we all have a much greater appreciation for the added benefits of healthy relaxation and recreation that come with our own private backyard pool.

Homeowners appreciate the many advantages of having their own backyard oasis. Many see a complete backyard, with patio, pool, kitchen and landscaping, as an investment in their family. A backyard pool offers a convenient, easy-access option for family fun and recreation. When you incorporate special features and unique materials, a backyard pool can be an attractive home investment. A beautiful backyard oasis can even offer an experience rivaling that of an exotic vacation destination.

The demand for backyard pools has also been fueled by consumer interest in safe entertainment options. Are you interested in increased health and wellness options for yourself and your family? Backyard swimming pools offer fun and healthy activities for kids and adults of all ages. Investing in a backyard pool just makes good sense. And with the availability of space-saving spools, even owners of small urban yards can get in the game.

Get Inspired About Your Own Dream Pool

It’s a very exciting time to build your own dream pool. Imagine the possibilities and partner with a professional pool builder for truly exceptional results.

If you’re just getting started, begin your pool building journey by collecting images of pools and backyards you love. Put inspirational photos in a physical or digital file folder to share with your pool builder.

Social media sites, such as Pinterest and Houzz, offer gorgeous photos you can save to your own swimming pool Boards or Ideabooks. You’ll also find lots of inspiring pools and pool equipment on Hayward’s Facebook page.

Visit Hayward’s

Visit, your one-stop-shop for swimming pool inspiration, planning, and budgeting. This site is more than just beautiful pools; it’s a fun tool that allows you to plan your budget and discover options that are right for your backyard and your family. Start here to budget and plan for your new escape.

Browse the Dream Pool Gallery to get inspired. You’ll see amazing pools from all over the world and from a wide variety of climates. Get ideas for your very own dream pool. Note the pool shapes and materials that appeal to you. Jot down your “must haves” as well as “would be nice” features to share with your pool builder. And, speaking of pool builders, check out the amazing “Builder Showcase Photos” too.

Plan Your Own Dream Pool Now

Are you ready to move beyond the dream phase? Make plans for your own dream pool now.

Work with a professional pool builder to brainstorm the design of your new backyard oasis. Share your expectations, budget, and inspirational pool images. Discuss the best options for your yard and your family: pool size, shape, materials, decking, lighting, water features, and automation. Your pool builder will also help you to navigate the permitting process and will be a knowledgeable partner as construction proceeds.

Hayward innovative, energy-efficient pool equipment enhances a healthy outdoor lifestyle, while also delivering high quality water, pleasant ambiance and ease of use for the ultimate backyard experience. Learn about the equipment options available from Hayward. For over 80-years Hayward has helped pool owners to have a worry-free backyard pool experience. With a complete line of technologically advanced equipment engineered to work together, Hayward is your single source solution.

As the demand for pools grows, Hayward responds by offering money-saving rebates on a number of our popular pool equipment products. You can get cash back from Hayward on products purchased from a Hayward Authorized Dealer. Backed by Hayward’s total commitment to customer satisfaction and support, your pool building experience with Hayward is sure to be exceptional.

Find your local dream pool builder here. Enter your zip code and click the “Build a Pool” button to generate a list of nearby pool pros. Give them a call to make an appointment. Your Dream Pool is well on its way to becoming a reality.