Design the Perfect POOLSIDE Escape

We have launched a new and improved to help inspire your dream back yard escape. At, you can take the time to plan your budget, peruse the pool gallery, and design a virtual dream pool by selecting all the features a dream pool may have. You can choose from pool shape, landscaping, lighting, water features, pool controls, pool safety, and more. If you don’t know where to start, you can even gain inspiration by viewing all of the images in the pool gallery at once, or by navigating by region from the drop down menu, to view the pool designs specific to your area.

We’ve noted a few things below to help get you started on designing your dream POOLSIDE escape.

What You Need In Order To Design Your POOLSIDE Escape

Escape, by definition, is an avoidance of reality. In order to truly escape, even for just a few hours, you need to have a pool, privacy, and a great smoothie.

1. Design Your Pool

Pool Shape

When it comes to designing your pool, you have to decide if you want a unique pool design, or just a simple standard pool design; a standard shaped pool or a free-formed pool. If you are one of those people who have a contoured backyard, then looking into a free-form pool will be in your best interest. Because it features curves instead of hard angles, a free-form pool usually has a more natural appearance and can blend into your landscape nicely.

Pool Water Jets

To really make your pool design unique, make sure to incorporate water features such as a natural waterfall, water jets with lights, or even a fountain in the center or end of your pool.

2. Create Privacy


Create Privacy Shrubs

After you have created your perfect pool, start thinking about what surrounds it. The one thing that remains the same throughout the year is our constant battle for privacy. Although you may put up a simple fence or divider, sometimes that just isn’t enough and sometimes it isn’t the most attractive feature you’d like to have in your backyard. Forget about that standard fence and upgrade to a different type of fencing such as those made from wood, PVC, or ornamental aluminum. You can even use gazebos, shrubs, or recreate walls that you’d like covered up in order to create a little privacy. As an added bonus, consider building a fire pit for those nights that get a little chilly.

3. Relax With Smoothies

Smoothies PoolSide

After your project is finally complete, all that is left to do is grab a healthy smoothie and prepare for your relaxing poolside escape. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with the enormous crowds that public attractions normally have when on vacation. It’s time to swim or soak your thoughts away.

Don’t waste another second! Visit and get started creating your perfect POOLSIDE escape.

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