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What It Takes to Build a Special Pool Environment

Do you want to create a special pool environment at home? A special pool environment will give you everything you dream of, right in your own backyard.

You can create a stunning place to entertain, a fun and exciting outdoor space for the kids, an exercise environment to stay fit and motivated, and a place of serenity & escape from your daily stress.

Reward yourself with a custom backyard oasis to enjoy with family and friends every day of the year! Let’s take a look at the factors that go into making your backyard oasis really special.

4 Key Features of a Special Pool Environment

What does it take to build a special pool environment? If you asked 3 different pool pros, you’d probably get 3 different answers. But likely there’d be some common threads to their responses.

Most pool builders would agree that a special pool environment has 4 key features:

  1. Well-designed and integrated into its environment
  2. Technologically advanced equipment
  3. Constructed of beautiful materials
  4. Exhibits exceptional craftsmanship

Imagine your Dream Pool

Incorporating the 4 key features for a special pool environment will result in a beautiful quality pool that brings your family much happiness. A special pool environment will provide ample opportunities for your family to exercise, entertain, relax, and play – right in your own backyard.

When you think of your dream pool, what do you imagine? Perhaps you think of a serene pool and waterfall, deck areas with sun and shade, or a distinctive luxury patio. Maybe you imagine a poolside movie theater, outdoor kitchen, and in-ground trampoline. Time to put your ideas into action!

For inspiration, visit MyDreamPool.com. Plan your budget, view an inspiring photo gallery of amazing pools, and visualize your own pool with the virtual dream pool tool.

Make a List of Must-Have Features

What’s on your dream pool bucket-list and what are its must-have features? Make a list so that you are prepared when meeting with pool builders.

On your list, you may want to include the latest pool features like sleek sun shelves, backyard automation, and energy-saving variable speed pumps. You may want to include a special poolside environment where you can enjoy a drink or a meal with friends, get cozy with your loved ones by a warm fire, and listen to the tranquil sounds of falling water.

Now jot down your questions too. To get you started, here are some common questions asked by families who are adding a pool to their backyard.

What kind of pool should we build and how big should it be? What does a pool cost? Where should it be located in my yard? How can we take advantage of beautiful views or hide undesirable elements? What shape should it be? What about extra features like lighting, integrated spas, water features, and automation? What is the process of designing a pool? How do we get permits and approval to build? Should we go with traditional chlorine sanitization or salt chlorination? How can we save energy?

For great ideas and inspiration, visit MyDreamPool.com. You can get a head-start planning your budget, viewing amazing pools, and visualizing your own pool.