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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Concrete Development

POOLSIDE: This morning we met with Roderick Molleur from Concrete Development. Roderick, please tell us about Concrete Development and Neptune Panels.

Molleur: Concrete Developments and its subsidiary Neptune Panels, specialize in creating resort style, outdoor hardscapes. Our products include but are not limited to water features, grottos, fire pits, fountains, bars, man caves and a wide range of indoor/outdoor veneers. Our unique system enables homeowners to fulfill their outdoor dreams by transforming dull backyards to exciting outdoor living spaces.

POOLSIDE: How do you think your solution stands apart from the other hardscape systems?

Molleur: Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value and highest-quality craftsmanship in outdoor hardscapes.

Bringing in natural stone just isn’t affordable for many pool owners or they don’t have the space needed and/or proper access to the area.  With our system, we give the pool owners the look they want, for the budget that works for them, and it’s all custom to their space and style aesthetic.

POOLSIDE:  Please share some exciting designs with our pool owners.

Molleur: We can pretty much do it all with these Neptune panels. Water and fire features, slides, grottos, fireplaces, seating and retaining walls – you name it.  Here are some of our favorites.


POOLSIDE:  So you’re not just about pools and spas?

Molleur: Oh no – we do indoor and outdoor projects, residential and commercial.

POOLSIDEWe hear you were featured on the DIY Network Yard Crashers.  What was that like?

Molleur: It was awesome!  The pace of the show was intense, only 3 days to transform an outdoor space.  Plus there were so many people in the space between the film crew, host Ahmed Hassan, landscapers, carpenters, etc. it was a challenge, however, we were chosen because of how quickly and efficiently we could work in the relatively small space. It was a lot of fun.

POOLSIDE: What a beautiful design. Tell us how people can find you and schedule a design consultation.

Molleur: We’re out of 7 Perimeter Road, Manchester, NH 03103.  They can contact us at (603) 792-3466, visit us on our web site, and they can check out our design on the following social channels.

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POOLSIDE: Thank you Roderick for sharing your experience with our PoolSide community.  Here’s a link for our readers to check out some of your beautiful transformations.

Molleur: Thank you for the interview today and a chance to reach out to your PoolSide readers.  Our true desire is to fulfill all the needs of our clients, while surpassing their expectations with an enjoyable experience.  I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to transform our clients’ properties with my amazing team.