World’s Best Outdoor Swimming Pools

There is no doubt there are some amazing swimming pools around the world, which is why the judgment of which are given the high honor of “Best” may be subject to argument.  However, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here are a few of the “Best” in the eyes of The Guardian:

1. Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

Swimming Pool Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This luxury hotel has an infinity pool that is three times as long as an Olympic-sized pool, and sits atop a three 55-story towers.  Talk about a frightening infinity edge!

2. Chile’s San Alfonso Del Mar Resort

Swimming Pool Chile Del Mar Resort

This pool continually tops “Best” lists across the internet.  Taking the prize for world’s largest swimming pool, this incredible saltwater lagoon is 1km long.  Not only can you swim in it, but you can also sail and kayak in the pool itself.

3. São Paulo’s Hotel Unique

Swimming Pool Sao Paulo Hotel Unique
This scary looking pool is truly an illusion from afar?  Is the water red or is it a red pool light?  Nope!  It is actually completely finished in red tile which gives it the characteristic blood red look.  A popular spot for cocktails in the city, this pool will definitely catch your eye.

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