Backyard Automation with Hayward OmniHubⓇ

What is Backyard Automation? 

As technology changes, our homes have more and more ways to become automated. Imagine monitoring and conveniently adjusting settings on your pool’s pump, heater, lights, salt chlorinator, and so much more – right from your phone! By adding Hayward OmniHub, you can automate and control your pool with the touch of a button or your voice

With OmniHub Smart Pool & Spa Control, you can conveniently manage all your pool equipment, even if you’re not at home. With Wi-Fi capabilities, all you need to do is log into the OmniLogic app and the control is instantly in your hands. 

If you leave on vacation and realize you forgot to adjust your pool settings, have no fear – OmniHub has you covered! If you’re at work and want to turn on the pool heater and lights so your pool is ready for you when you get home, OmniHub has you covered. Even if you are at home and want to change your pool settings without going out to the pool pad, it’s easy with OmniHub. No matter where you are, OmniHub will monitor and control your pool, saving you time and money.

Not only that, but OmniHub is also quickly installed by your Pool Professional. It’s never been easier to add smart control to your existing pool and spa – just connect your smartphone, tablet, or voice-controlled device to Hayward OmniHub

How Does OmniHub Automate My Pool?

The cool thing about OmniHub is that it brings easy and affordable automation to all pool owners. Like your TV and remote control, OmniHub allows you to make selections and changes from the comfort of your couch. It’s that simple. 

OmniHub is an ideal control system for the majority of existing pools or for new pools with limited features. Phone control is built-in. This means you can control your pool’s functions from your phone, tablet or voice-controlled device. 

OmniHub is fully compatible with all other Hayward pool products and also works with most other pool equipment brands. No matter your existing pool configuration, OmniHub can make your pool smarter and more convenient to maintain and run.

Get affordable and easy remote control of your pool and gain time back with OmniHub. 

Smart Control at a Great Price 

Get smart control over your pool and spa equipment, at a great price

Hayward OmniHub gives you affordable and easy smart control over Hayward pool equipment and most other brands. Just like your smart thermostat, lights or door lock, OmniHub lets you control your pool from your phone. Access, schedule, and adjust your pool’s pump, heater, lights, salt chlorinator and more via smartphone, tablet, or voice-controlled device. OmniHub works with popular home automation systems including Amazon®, Nest®, and Control4®.

Contact your local Pool Professional for all the details. Find a local Hayward Dealer by entering your zip code on our websites Dealer Locator. 

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