Backyard Pool with Lighting

Bright Idea: Enhance your Backyard Pool with Lighting

Looking for a bright idea? Enhance your backyard pool with lighting!

For most pool owners, having their own backyard pool with lighting is a must. After all, lighting enhances your backyard’s ambiance, visibility, and safety. And during the shorter days of spring and fall, lighting extends pool time into the early mornings and evenings. Not surprisingly, lighting is at the top of the wish list for most pool owners. Let’s explore the ways and whys of enhancing your backyard pool with lighting.

Style, Security, and Safety

You can enhance your backyard pool by including lighting to bring a higher level of style, security, and safety to your home. Although most of us are aware of how lighting makes our pool, spa, and yard more attractive, we sometimes forget that lighting also improves our security and safety.

Lighting Enhances Backyard Ambiance

What a view! Lighting exposes all those beautiful details and shows off an amazing view of your pool and yard from in the pool, on the patio, or even from the house. Notice how pool lighting enhances your swimming and backyard experience by adding depth, mystery, and drama. Not only that, but accent lighting adds to the ambiance by illuminating special features:

  • Transitions, such as pool and spa steps and Baja shelves
  • Water Features, such as fountains and waterfalls
  • Fire Features
  • Architectural Elements
  • Landscape Elements, such as planters and paths

Are you interested in blending pool lighting with bubblers, deck jets, and other water features? Read our blog article Sparkle and Shine: Adding Swimming Pool Lighting and Water Features to learn more about combining lighting with water features for a stunning effect.

Lighting Enhances Backyard Security and Safety

Watch that step! If your backyard and pool are not well lit, the potential for mishaps is great. Lighting vastly improves contrast and night-time visibility for children, adults, and pets. It enhances security by providing the ability to see your property at all times of day and night. Lighting also increases safety by revealing surfaces, depth, and transitional areas that would otherwise be hard to see.

With the addition of pool and backyard lighting, you’ll appreciate your beautiful outdoor environment, even when it’s dark out. Your family’s recreational time and entertaining options will notably expand into the evening with the addition of pool lighting. Enjoy a night-time or early morning swim enhanced by ambient lighting! What a healthy way to unwind after work or to jump-start the day.

Versatile Hayward Lighting to Suit You

Versatile Hayward pool, spa and backyard lights add sparkle and flair for an outdoor ambiance that’s uniquely yours. Read about all the options, from bright white lights to low-voltage LED retrofits and amazing automated and timed color lights.

With Hayward energy efficient, UL-listed LED lighting, you can add mood changing brilliance to your backyard paradise. Browse our lighting product options here. Hayward offers a full selection of lighting products, including every possible pool, spa, and backyard lighting option to suit your needs. Light your steps, tanning shelves, niches, walls, landscaping, water features, and even hard-to-reach locations for the ultimate in drama.

Transform your pool from Boring to Bright. If your pool needs a long-overdue lighting upgrade, consider Hayward CrystaLogic and ColorLogic LED pool and spa lights. Or replace old incandescent bulbs with ColorLogic replacement bulbs, the quickest and most cost-effective way to upgrade standard incandescent wall and floor pool lights.

Discover the Power of Color with expertly coordinated exciting color-changing shows. Imagine your backyard pool in classic sea blue, sky blue, or royal blue. Or compose the perfect theme for any occasion, with playful, customized lighting options for holidays, birthdays, or game days. Vibrant party themes expand your color options from emerald green and flamingo pink to warm red and more. Hayward ColorLogic family of lights offers many advantages:

  • Low voltage
  • UL-listed for safe wall and floor installation
  • Last 10 times longer than incandescent lights
  • Full-size lights are 100% brighter than any other color LED light
  • Save up to 86% on energy cost

Our 1 ½” lights can be used to highlight water features, Baja shelves, steps, benches, and landscaping. Watch our ColorLogic LED Lighting video here.

Bright Idea for a Stylish Pool

Enhance your pool, spa, and backyard now by adding or upgrading your lighting. Choosing Hayward advanced pool lighting is a bright idea you can implement now to create a stylish, safe, and secure backyard paradise. In addition, our lighting products extend your pool time, so they provide great value. Hayward lighting is technologically advanced and energy efficient for long-term savings.

Learn how Hayward lighting can make all the difference for your backyard – find your local Hayward Dealer by entering your zip code on our website Dealer Locator. Visit to see exciting examples of stylish pool, spa, and backyard lighting and call your local Hayward Dealer today.