Building Teams and Dreams

Hayward held its annual Global Sales Meeting in Itasca, IL consisting of sales, marketing and tech service personnel from over 8 countries.

During the 4-day event, Hayward hosted a team building activity whereby employees took part in trivia contests in order to win bicycle parts.  These parts were then used to build 30 new bikes to be judged by their peers.  Little did they know, these bikes were actually being built to be given to a group of kids from the WeGo Together for Kids organization.

The kids and our people were surprised when the bikes were completed, and the unsuspecting children walked into the room and were told that the bikes that were just built, were theirs to keep.

“I don’t know who had bigger smiles on their faces, the kids or our employees,” said Mike Massa, Vice President of Hayward Sales.  “We even had some tears of joy from many in the room, when the kids were told the bikes were theirs to keep.  It was definitely a feel good moment for everybody,” Massa added.

About WeGo Together Kids
The mission of WeGo Together for Kids is to address the health, safety and well-being of students and families through a collaborative, coordinated and comprehensive approach for West Chicago schools and community. The vision is for all members of the community to support each other in creating an environment for growth, wellness, safety, happiness, and wisdom.