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Extend Your Swimming Season with a Pool Heat Pump

With the cooler weather approaching, some may think it’s time to close the pool. Not so fast! You can extend your swimming season with a pool heat pump. 

The NEW Hayward® HeatPro® VS Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump is the ideal choice for people who use their pool every day for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation. HeatPro VS is engineered to last and work smart, maintaining your pool water at just-the-right temperature. The high performance, energy-efficient pool heat pump quietly and economically allows you to swim comfortably throughout the year.

Learn how a pool heat pump works and why it’s a smart choice for extending your swimming season as the days become cooler.

What is a Pool Heat Pump?

A pool heat pump is a device that uses a limited amount of electrical energy to move heat from one location to another. It uses heat from the air to maintain the perfect water temperature (warm or cool), regardless of the season. Click here to learn more about Hayward heat pumps

In contrast to a gas pool heater, a pool heat pump does not burn fuels – it uses a small amount of electricity. Because it moves heat, rather than generating heat, a heat pump uses less energy than a heater. 

In addition, it can be less expensive to install and operate a pool heat pump than a gas pool heater of the same heating capacity. For comparison, please see the following example:

Hayward ModelCapacityEfficiency
H150FDN150k BTU/h82.7%
HP21404T140k BTU/hCOP=5.7

Get a custom Heat Pump Cost Analysis for your area here.

Heat pumps are particularly popular in climates with hot summers and mild winters. In cooler climates where temperatures drop below freezing, it requires more energy to maintain the temperature, so the efficiency of the heat pump is reduced. Because of this, a supplemental heating source may be required. 

Pro Tip: Contact a pool pro to analyze your swimming pool and determine the correct pool heat pump size. Professional installation and maintenance are recommended for optimal efficiency and extended equipment life.

Whether the outside temperatures are falling or rising, a heat pump maintains a comfortable, consistent water temperature every day. 

How does a Heat Pump Work?

At its most basic level, a heat pump captures heat and moves it from one place to another. It works in two (very different) modes to efficiently heat or cool your pool or spa water year-round. 

Here’s how it works for heating:

  1. The pool pump draws cool water from the pool into the filter and pool heat pump heater. 
  2. Outside air is drawn into the heat pump and is directed over the refrigerant-filled evaporator coils. 
  3. The coil works as an evaporator, transferring heat into the refrigerant.
  4. The liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat and becomes a gas. 
  5. Warm gas in the coil passes through the compressor which increases the heat.
  6. The compressor sends the hot gas through the condenser. 
  7. The condenser transfers the heat to the cooler pool water in the heater.
  8. The heated water is returned to the pool.

Here’s how it works for cooling:

Pool heat pumps can also be used in a cooling mode, similar to your home’s air conditioner. When a heat pump is in cooling mode, it takes the heat out of the warm pool water by running it over the refrigerant-filled evaporator coils. The coils then release the heat into the outside air and cool water is returned to the pool.

Ready to Add a Heat Pump to Your Pool or Spa?

With the coming cooler season, many homeowners are considering adding a heat pump to their pool set-up. Hayward’s advanced line of pool heat pumps deliver the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.

Hayward HeatPro VS Heat and Cool Heat Pump – Features & Benefits
  • Inverter-driven variable speed technology – Features best-in-class part-load COP and incredibly quiet operation
  • Vertical discharge fan – Allows for versatile installation in any in-ground pool pad
  • Titanium heat exchanger – Operates powerfully and efficiently, even in freezing outdoor temperatures
  • Intuitive control panel – Provides a seamless user experience via touchscreen digital display
  • AHRI certification – Independent lab testing confirms the product performance and value
  • Economical – Saves up to 70% in operating costs over gas heaters
  • Innovative – First certified inverter-driven variable-speed heat pump in North America
  • Efficient – Operates efficiently even in cooler temperatures

Learn more about the Hayward HeatPro VS Heat and Cool Heat Pump here.

For over 80 years, Hayward has helped pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership, with energy-efficient, cutting-edge, technologically advanced pool equipment. Pool owners save energy and money with heat pumps and other advanced products by Hayward, ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award recipient for two years running. Contact your local Hayward Dealer on our website Dealer Locator for additional heat pump information and advice.

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