Hayward Expands VSP Offerings with Super Pump VS and Max-Flo VS lines

New right-sized VSP series offers up to 80% energy savings.

Hayward announced it is expanding its variable-speed pump (VSP) offerings within its Super Pump® and Max-Flo lines. The new VSP options for Hayward’s medium-head pumps can save pool owners up to 80% on energy costs over single speed pumps.

The Super Pump® VS and Max-Flo VSpool pumps will be available effective immediately for the residential pool market. Variable-speed pumps are the ultimate way to save energy.  Unfortunately, most other variable-speed models on the market are simply oversized when compared to most medium-head pumps such as our Super Pump and Max-Flo series. These new VSPs are right-sized, particularly for applications with 1.5″ or 2” plumbing, providing tremendous energy savings that result in an even faster return on investment.

The VSP technology builds upon the reliable hydraulic features already offered by both the Super Pump and Max-Flo XL™ models. The integrated variable speed drives and permanent magnet motor designs provide pool owners an opportunity to reduce energy use, and save on related costs by as much as 80% vs. single speed pool pumps.

The new Super Pump VS is an ideal option for pool owners looking to upgrade their single speed pump. Its service-easy design is evident in its exclusive swing-away hand knobs and extra-large strainer basket that extends time between cleaning.

The Max-Flo VS aligns perfectly with the entire Hayward Max-Flo line for seamless retrofit installations and includes service-friendly features such as 1.5” by 2” union connections.

The digital interface for both the Super Pump VS and Max-Flo VS show power consumption for immediate feedback to help maximize energy savings. Both also provide customizable speed duration, and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. The new pumps are equipped with programmable timers and a permanent magnet motor helping it to meet the requirements of swimming pool efficiency standards such as Title 20 and APSP-15.

Super Pump VS and Max-Flo VS features include:

  • Energy Efficiency – A totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor and integrated variable speed control offers incredible energy efficiency and reliability.
  • “Right-Sized” – The pumps are sized to fit the majority of medium-head pump applications. Most other variable speed pumps are sized for high performance applications, often resulting in unused capacity compared to most medium-head pumps installations.  Right-sized for medium-head pump applications, while still providing tremendous energy savings, results in an even faster payback.
  • Ease of Use – An integrated, programmable digital interface provides customized speed, duration, and priming time to match the needs of aftermarket or new construction installations.
  • Full Adjustable Speed Control – Both offer customizable speed control for just the right amount of flow, from low speed filtration to high flow water features.  This includes an incredibly quiet operation, especially at energy-saving, lower speeds.