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Hayward® Pool Pumps Earn Energy Star® Certification

EPA-certified pumps save pool owners thousands of dollars, while promoting superior energy efficiency.

Hayward announced that its variable speed pumps have met the ENERGY STAR® certification requirements recently finalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is the first ENERGY STAR specification for pool pumps established by the EPA, and is part of the program’s overall commitment to help prevent climate change by encouraging superior energy efficiency.

According to the EPA, ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps will save consumers thousands of dollars over their lifetime; can often pay for themselves in less than three years; as well as run quieter and prolong the life of a pool’s filtering system. “We take Hayward’s commitment to manufacturing environmental-responsible pool products very seriously,” said Hayward Product Manager – Pumps and Above-Ground Equipment, Scott Petty. “So, we’re pleased that the EPA is recognizing the important energy savings and overall environmental benefits that our pool pumps provide.”

The Hayward variable speed models receiving ENERGY STAR certification are: EcoStar®, EcoStar® C, EcoStar® SVRS, EcoStar® C SVRS, Super Pump® VS, and Max-Flo VSTM. All of these pumps will be labeled with ENERGY STAR labels to help both consumers and the trade recognize these energy efficient pumps  Additional Hayward pumps are being evaluated for the ENERGY STAR program and will be announced when available.

The EPA noted that many consumers do not realize how much energy is wasted by a typical pool pump – citing that different pool operations require different pool pump speeds. ENERGY STAR-certified pool pumps can run at different speeds and be programmed to match the pool operation with the appropriate pool pump speed. The reduction in energy consumption is considerable, given that a reduction in pump speed of one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy.

Other pool pump-related facts provided by the EPA include:

  • ENERGY STAR certified pumps will be, on average, 30-72 percent more energy-efficient than standard models and save consumers about $160 per year. (An individual model’s efficiency will depend on the climate in which it’s used, the size of the pump, and the number of speeds it uses.)
  • If all pool pumps sold in the United States met these new requirements, the energy cost savings would grow to about $113 million per year and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 140,000 vehicles.

To earn the ENERGY STAR label, Hayward’s pumps had to be certified by an EPA-recognized third party, based on testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory. In addition, Hayward’s products were required to participate in verification testing programs run by recognized certification bodies.