Hayward unveils the first and only LED light UL approved for safe installation in virtually any niche.

  Hayward unveils the first LED light UL approved for safe installation in virtually any niche.

That’s right, virtually ANY niche!  Hayward’s new Universal ColorLogic is the first and only color LED pool and spa light bright enough to properly illuminate the millions of pools with just one light.

At least one hundred percent brighter than any LED pool light on the market, these highly energy-efficient, lights will deliver spectacular color while replacing that conventional single incandescent light under the diving board.  “This is a true breakthrough in pool lighting. Delivering spectacular color to pools with a single light or to pools with colored finishes has always been a major challenge.” said Hayward Vice President of Product Management, Kevin Potucek. “The industry has been asking for a solution since the advent of color pool lighting over a decade ago. This achievement was only made possible by combining advancements in thermally conductive plastics with the latest LED technology and some extremely clever engineering. The significance of an all-plastic design and UL listing in other manufactures’ niches cannot be overstated.”  Retrofit of the these low voltage lights to 120V sites is further simplified with transformers kits designed and UL listed to install with all of the popular junction boxes.

Universal ColorLogic also delivers breakthrough cost savings and installation versatility for new pools, spas and fountains. Its all-plastic, low-voltage design, combined with the new all-plastic Thin Niche eliminates the need for bonding, grounding and GFCI. Thin Niche also reduces the cost for dig, steel and gunite because it is only 2.75 inches front-to-back and mounts to the face of the rebar grid. Both pool and spa lights are UL listed for wall or floor installation without a rock guard and can be positioned just 4” from lens to water level, making it great for steps and beach entries as well as fountains.

With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows Universal ColorLogic sets the perfect theme for any backyard event; Saint Patrick’s Day green or red white and blue for Independence Day, plus custom colors give pool owners endless options. Show options range from a soothing, intimate retreat to a pulsating nightclub-like experience.

Key Universal Color Logic features:

  • UL listed for installation  in virtually any pool or spa niche
  • 100% brighter* than any color LED light on the market
  • Use up to 86% less energy than incandescent lights and last 10X longer
  • Breathtaking 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows
  • Can be installed in a little as 4 inches below the waterline on the wall or the floor without a rock guard
  • 12V, 2-wire, all plastic design with no exposed metal and an unbreakable lens requires no bond, no ground and no GFCI for safe installation
  • Programmable to match ColorLogic or Pentair® SAm® light shows
  • 30, 50 and 100 foot models available
  • Available in a switch sync, stand-alone versions or a network version that integrates with Pro Logic
  • UCL Thin Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction
  • Retrofit transformer kits available for easy high-to-low-voltage J-Box conversion
  • 300 watt transformer available for multi-light installations
  • Ships with smooth white and silver luster starburst trim rings. Additional rings are also available in faux chrome, black, blue, beige, gray and white starburst
    *Based on measured test data at time of print

One light…changes everything!