Special Existing Pool

How to Make an Existing Pool More Special

Special events and memorable family times are even better at the pool. The backyard pool is at the center of your family’s outdoor activity, providing exercise, recreation, and relaxation. From fun kids’ pool parties to relaxing Saturday afternoons swimming and catching some sun together, the pool area is definitely the preferred place to hang out.

This year, get the pool you’ve always wanted and create the ultimate pool experience for your family and friends.

You can make the most of your free-time together – with a few small (or big) changes, your backyard pool can become even more special and a magnet for fun family times. Stunning new features and amazing options can take your backyard pool environment to the next level.

Enhance your pool and backyard environment. Here are some great tips for enjoying even more special family times – right at home, in your own backyard!

Enhancing your backyard pool

Why not take advantage of the pool you already own by adding the latest technology and special features?

Pool, Spa and Backyard Lights

Gain outdoor time in the evening! By adding lighting to your pool area, you’ll extend your family’s swimming time into the evening. This alone is reason enough to consider adding innovative pool, spa, and backyard lights.

In addition, lighting adds sparkle, excitement, and mystery to your backyard environment.

Lighting effects can be simple, such as white LED pool lights. Upgrading to LED lighting is a simple retrofit that can noticeably improve the appearance of your existing pool.

Lighting can also be elaborate, such as color-changing light shows that bathe your pool and backyard in sparkling color. Add a light controller to simplify operation and automation to customize lighting effects.

Water Features

Surprise and delight your family and guests! Water features add so much fun and excitement to your time together poolside. The sound of moving water can also be relaxing and rejuvenate you after a long day at the office. Achieve stunning visual and acoustic effects with deck jets, sheer waterfalls, and bubblers.

Deck jets create an elegant arching stream of water from the deck to the pool. The water flow and direction are simple to adjust without tools.

Sheer waterfalls create a variety of enchanting effects. They create a curtain of water that descend into the pool. The sheer can be combined with LED lighting to create a unique blend of visual effects.

Bubblers create a cascading column of water for fountain-like water movement. Bubblers can showcase your pool’s distinctive features, such as tanning ledges and beach entries.

Variable Speed Pumps

Increase your time and enjoyment with family and friends by switching to a reliable, hard-working variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps give you just the right amount of power to match your pool’s needs. They are quiet, allow for better pool filtration, and work with your advanced pool water features and lighting for increased enjoyment. In addition, energy-efficient variable speed pumps add energy and dollars to your household budget, saving up to 90% in energy as compared to single-speed pumps.

Get started today!

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