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New 150’ models for Universal ColorLogic® and CrystaLogic™ LED Light Lines

Hayward responded to a common pool owner challenge by offering lighting cables in extended lengths for its Universal ColorLogic and Universal CrystaLogic LED light lines.  The new models are now available in 150’ lengths to accommodate those pools and spas that are at a greater distance from their respective pool pads.

We received feedback from the field that Universal ColorLogic and CrystaLogic are great, but some pool and spa configurations require longer cables.  We pride ourselves in being responsive to these unique applications, so we are bringing a longer lighting cable to this family.

Hayward introduced Universal ColorLogic LED lighting, the first color-changing, LED lights that are designed to brilliantly illuminate nearly any existing pool and spa with breath-taking color, in May 2012.  Universal CrystaLogic white LED lighting, which was also introduced last year was recently expanded to include a 500 watt light.  Both light lines are considered to be a breakthrough as the industry’s first color and white LED pool and spa lights to be UL Listed for safe installation in virtually any niche.

Universal ColorLogic key features:
– 100% brighter than any color LED light (based on measured test data at time of release)
– Illuminates most pools in vibrant color with a single light
– Breathtaking 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows
– Simple light switch control or remote control with ProLogic automation
– J-Box and Wall Mount Pool Lighting Transformer for easy high-to-low-voltage conversion

Universal CrystaLogic key features:
– Brightest 100W equivalent Spa, and 300W and 500W equivalent pool lights on the market
– Energy and maintenance savings can deliver a payback in less than 2 years
Features that apply to both:

– Only LED pool and spa lights UL listed to be installed in nearly any pool or spa niche

– 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic design with unbreakable lens eliminates the requirement for either a bond or ground wire
– Use up to 86% less energy than incandescent lights
– Last 10 X longer than a standard light – no need for service
– Can be installed in as little as 4” below the waterline and upward facing without rock guard
– Thin Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction
– 300 watt transformer available for Universal CrystaLogic and multi-light installations
– 30, 50,100 and now 150 foot cable models available
– Ships with smooth white and silver luster starburst trim rings.  Additional rings are available in black, blue, beige, gray and white starburst