New Salt Cell Delivers 25% Longer Life Than Chlorine for Under $1 per Pound

Hayward is excited to add a new option to the Genuine Hayward TurboCell Family – the Extended Life TurboCell. With this new TurboCell, you’ll experience the amazing comfort of silky water that won’t irritate your eyes or dry out your skin. This more natural approach to chlorination eliminates the harsh chlorine odors caused by chloramines and leaves your pool feeling healthier and more luxurious. With Salt Chlorination, you receive a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine that is constantly circulated throughout your pool. This circulation supplies you the opportunity to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time.

turbocellThe Extended Life TurboCell

The Extended Life TurboCell Offers the same luxuriously soft water, hassle-free sanitization, and cost savings expected of Hayward Salt Chlorination. Now with a 25% greater total chlorine output over its lifetime, you can expect to enjoy your investment much longer. This product has been enhanced to produce the equivalent of 725 lbs. of Trichlor, which actually cuts your annual chlorine costs by over 50%, and eliminates the hassle of mixing, measuring and messing with conventional chlorine. Hayward’s new T-CELL-15LL will deliver enough chlorine to satisfy the demands of in-ground pools of up to 40,000 gallons. When these cells are properly maintained, they can last years! Plus, with the 3-year warranty that you get with the Extended Life TurboCell, you can relax by your pool completely worry-free.

T-CELL-15LL is available for use on OmniLogic, all Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorinators, and AquaPlus® and ProLogic® Automation Models.

The 3 C’s of Salt Chlorination

With Salt Chlorination, you receive the much acclaimed 3 C’s:

  • The Comfort of silky-soft water that never turns eyes red or dries skin and hair.
  • The Convenience of automated chlorination that relieves
  • The dramatic Cost savings of 50% or more on chlorine costs over traditional chlorine.

Hayward Knows Salt

As the global leader in salt chlorination, Hayward knows salt and is proud to introduce the newest innovation in salt chlorination. With nearly 1 million Salt Chlorinators installed on swimming pools worldwide, our goal is to offer you the best possible options when purchasing a Hayward salt cell.

All of our salt chlorinators, such as the number one selling AquaRite® and TurboCells, are NSF certified to produce up to 1.47 pounds of chlorine per day. We know that technology products must be designed, tested and certified to the exacting standards of a recognized safety consulting and certification company. This is imperative for proper function and safety. Hayward manufactures and performs tests on 100% of the electronics that are placed into each of our salt chlorination products.  This ensures they meet our rigorous internal standards, as well as the required safety and performance standards set by our industry.

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