Swimming Pool Salt Chlorination SalineC6.0 BoxVessel

New Salt Chlorinator for Residential, In-ground Pools up to 125K Gallons

Pool owners with larger pools, pools over 40,000 gallons, historically had a dilemma if they wanted salt chlorination on their pools.  Historically…they had to double up their Salt Cells to accommodate chlorinating their pools.  This is an added expense from an equipment and installation standpoint.

Well that’s all changed!  Hayward recently introduced Saline C 6.0 – a Single Vessel Salt Chlorine Generator that can accommodate larger pools beautifully.  In fact, it can chlorinate residential pools up to 125,000 gallons.  That would be a very large pool with some very high-chlorine production needs!

Saline C 6.0 was originally introduced to the commercial pool market – so you know it’s rugged-enough for these large volume applications.  Here is how Saline C’s features shake out.

Saline C 6.0 Salt Chlorination Feature Set:

  • For in-ground pools up to 125,000 gallons
  • Single vessel and power supply eliminates the need for daisy chaining multiple cells
  • Clear vessel makes it easier to inspect
  • Reduces sanitizing costs by 40% to 60% vs. traditional chemical chlorine
  • Reverse polarity self-cleaning technology
  • Plug N’ Play chemical automation
  • Simple, low cost installation vs. multiple cell alternatives
  • NSF-Certified to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine per day