Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pressure Pool Cleaners For Your Pool

Pressure pool cleaners help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool. They automatically clean your pool using their own booster pump and hydraulic connected to the pool filtration system. You can enjoy peace-of-mind, total relaxation, and easy maintenance with Hayward’s TriVac series pressure pool cleaners.

Operating a Pressure Pool Cleaner

How do I use a pressure cleaner in my pool? It’s really quite a simple operation.

  • Connect your cleaner’s hose line to the pressure outlet of your pool.
  • Set the cleaner in the pool water and then just turn on the booster pump.
  • Watch it work! Your pool cleaner moves around the pool, sucking up debris and pushing it into a debris bag.
  • When the pool is clean, turn off the booster pump, disconnect the hose, remove the cleaner from the pool, and empty the debris. Then enjoy!

Pressure cleaners are powerful! They require a booster pump connected to your pool’s filtration system, resulting in additional installation and operating costs. Check with your local pool pro to see if a pressure cleaner is suitable for your existing pool configuration.

Hayward Pressure Pool Cleaners

Hayward automatic pool cleaners include a range of products for every pool type and budget, including robotic, suction, and pressure cleaners.

Our TriVac pressure pool cleaners provide a reliable and thorough clean, every time. TriVac 500 and TriVac 700 pressure cleaners offer many unique, patented innovations that drive superior performance, unmatched pool coverage, excellent debris management, and unbeatable energy-efficiency.

Debris Management – TriVac cleaners manage dirt and debris efficiently, collecting all debris in an extra-large self-contained bag. The powerful vacuum and clog free operation make the TriVac a great pool cleaner for leaves and sticks, as well as, acorns and pebbles and everything in between. The powerful sweep hose locates hard-to-find debris and quickly moves them into the cleaning path of the TriVac.

Ease of Use – TriVac’s modern design is effortless to maintain and so easy to use. Handling and cleanup are a snap! TriVac is suitable for all pool types, shapes, and surfaces. TriVac makes it easy to schedule your pool cleaning too – connect to your pool automation system or add a simple timer to the booster pump.

Powerful, yet Gentle – TriVac’s patented AquaDrive technology and low-impact design provide you with high-impact results. AquaDrive’ powerful triple-venturi jets propel the cleaner easily and efficiently around your pool. TriVac’s low-friction wheels are gentle on pool surfaces. The cleaner’s pre-programmed backup sequence enables the cleaner to change direction quickly and frequently so it spends more time cleaning and less time waiting.

Skimming – In addition to the other great features of TriVac cleaners, the TriVac 700 model also includes a top skimming mode. From skimming to scouring, TriVac 700 has your pool completely covered. You choose – we clean: select the bottom/wall mode or skimming top mode for clean on a whole new level.

Versatile and one-of-a-kind, TriVac 700 is an exclusive professional product available for purchase in stores only.

Get the most powerful clean for your pool – TriVac cleaners offer unrivaled performance, are simple to use, and provide complete pool coverage. Visit your local Hayward dealer to learn more about our exclusive line of pressure pool cleaners.

Click here to see the TriVac 700 pressure pool cleaner in action.

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