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Smart Home. Smart Backyard.

Creating Your Smart Backyard

Cheers! Here’s to enjoying a smart backyard! Get a more convenient, comfortable, functional, and FUN backyard with the latest in smart backyard devices.

These days, families are spending more time working and playing at home, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in your house and yard. During the pandemic, we’ve also become aware of the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. Being outdoors can quickly improve our physical and mental health. Families can benefit from a more active outdoor lifestyle which has been shown to enhance mood and energy.

Take advantage of new technology to improve your home’s whole outdoor experience. You’ll appreciate hands-free voice control and app-connected ease of operation with smart backyard devices. Let’s dive into the latest and greatest options for your backyard.

Save time and energy with smart devices
Want to create or enhance your own backyard paradise, without all the work? It may be even easier than you expect, with the use of the latest smart devices. You can control just about everything in your yard from the convenience of your mobile device. If you haven’t checked out the options recently, you may be surprised by the available choices which run the gamut from pool pumps to patio heaters.

Manufacturers have integrated smart tech into a wide variety of backyard devices programmed for optimal functioning and connected to your mobile device for ease of use.

  • Lawnmowers – trim your yard automatically and effortlessly – just let it go
  • Plant trackers – save water and time with automated monitoring and watering
  • Lawn sprinklers – automatically water your lawn, where and when it’s dry, and stay up to date on water usage
  • Smokers and Grills – automatically monitor temperature and cooking progress from your smart device, even if you need to step away
  • Theaters – smart screens tie in with your mobile device for up-to-the-minute viewing choices
  • Pools and Spas – monitor and control your pool’s sanitization, lights, cleaning, pump, heater and more
  • Audio – tie in with your favorite music app to enjoy your playlist on the patio, in the pool, and out in the yard
  • Security – automatically provide monitoring, surveillance and alarm system for peace of mind
  • Lighting – control the light in your yard, pool and spa for safety, security, and drama
  • Patio Heaters – warm your patio automatically for season-extending benefits

Upgrade your backyard experience with Hayward smart devices
Make the most of your outdoor living space, maximize convenience, and save time and energy with a wide variety of smart backyard equipment. Hayward is your single-source solution for the perfect backyard experience. Choose Hayward’s industry-leading smart equipment and automation systems for energy-efficient, high performing, and long-lasting enjoyment. Find your local Hayward Dealer here.

  • Industry-Leading Automation
    • Control your backyard environment with Hayward’s line of industry-leading automation including OmniLogic. Automate your pool’s work-intensive functions to save money, energy, and time. You can monitor your automation system from your mobile device and you can use app or voice control for cleaning, filtration, heating, lighting, water features, sanitization and pH balancing.
  • OmniHub Smart Control
    • Add smart pool and spa control with the simplest whole-pool upgrade, Hayward OmniHub. Schedule, adjust, and manage settings from anywhere. OmniHub works with virtually every piece of backyard equipment including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa color lights, spa settings, AquaRite salt systems, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features. Read our blog article “Backyard Automation with Hayward OmniHub.”
  • Pool Pumps with Smart Control
    • VS Omni variable-speed pool pumps are the easiest, most affordable way to add smart control to existing pools and spas. This smart pool pump integrates seamlessly with most brands and can control virtually every kind of pool and spa equipment.
  • Smart Robotic Pool Cleaners
    • Intelligent, state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaners offer programming capability for your choice in scheduled cleaning cycles. Choose from a range of ground-breaking cleaners for superior cleaning, reliability and the convenience of smart control. Read our blog article “Robotic Pool Cleaners make pool Life Easier.”
  • Automation-Ready Sanitization
    • Hayward’s range of sanitization solutions provides the ultimate in water quality and purity. Enjoy smart pool control integration with Hayward OmniHub or other Hayward automation solutions which deliver access, control, and management of your sanitization equipment from anywhere through your smartphone or via Alexa.
  • Automation-Ready Water Features
    • Add a stunning arc of water, an arching stream from your pool deck, or a customizable waterfall effect with Hayward’s family of flexible, stunning water features. Control and enhance your visual and acoustic environment from the convenience of your mobile or voice-activated device.
  • Automation-Ready Yard, Pool and Spa Lights
    • Enhance your backyard’s beauty and pump up the drama with eye-catching color or white lighting. Control your lights from anywhere and accent your backyard, pool and spa with vibrant, energy- efficient LED lights. Hayward lighting adds style, safety, and security; it even brightens hard-to- illuminate areas and allows your backyard environment to really sparkle.
  • Automation-Ready Heaters and Heat Pumps
    • Extend the swim season and maintain your ideal pool and spa water temperature all season long with Hayward’s advanced line of heaters. Delivering the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency, your heater is easy to control poolside or from the comfort of your home or office.

There’s really never been a better time to add the convenience, comfort, function and fun of smart backyard automation to your home. You’ll enjoy the hands-free voice control and app-connected ease of operation that comes with smart devices. In addition, you’ll spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying the best backyard experience possible with the addition of innovative smart devices. Find your local Hayward Dealer here.