Smart Pool Automation that Really Works: Why Pool Owners are Choosing OmniHub Control

Reclaim how you spend your time by adding an OmniHub automation system to your pool and spa. A simple install provides flexible, scalable, smartphone-enabled pool and spa control that anyone can master. Keep reading to find out how pool automation can provide easy control and simplify your life.

Easy Control

Many pool owners know all too well the amount of time it takes to adjust your pool and spa settings. For example, switching on the spa is not as simple as you’d like it to be — once you’ve made your way out to the corner of the yard to change your equipment settings, then the heater has to be turned on, and the valves have to be rotated so the water goes to the spa. Finally, the pump has to be turned up to the desired setting. Suffice it to say, switching the pool to spa mode and back again can feel too much like hard work – especially when you try doing it in the dark! Why not reclaim your valuable time by using a pool automation system to easily manage your pool and spa settings. 

Imagine controlling most of your pool and spa pad with just the touch of a button. By adding OmniHub pool automation, what once was a tedious manual operation, can now be easily controlled through the user-friendly smartphone app, “OmniLogic”, available on iOS and Android devices. You can even tell your Alexa device, “Ask Hayward to turn on the spa,” and, just like that, the heater, the valves, and the jets adjust and come on automatically.

Not to mention, OmniHub can help bring peace of mind. With pool control from virtually anywhere, you never have to worry about leaving your pool on the wrong settings. Inadvertently leaving the pool heater on for only a few days can be an expensive mistake! With OmniHub pool controls, you can quickly check the status of your pool equipment and settings right from your phone and save money by reducing unnecessary energy usage.

Maximize your pool usage by adding a pool automation system to quickly and easily adjust your pool and spa settings so when you are ready to jump in, your pool and spa are ready too.

Simplicity is Key

OmniHub is simple. Once it’s set up, an intuitive app makes it easy to find and control all of your pool equipment. When using the app, at a glance, you can check on every aspect of your pool equipment and see the current status of operations — pump, lights, heater, chlorinator, and other devices. You can also easily adjust settings, set heater temperatures, turn on light shows, activate water features, as well as set chlorination levels, schedule events, and create themes of favorite settings. You are even alerted when equipment needs attention. By adding a pool automation system, you will streamline your pool control and maintenance.

The OmniHub pool automation system even lets you change multiple settings at once. By setting themes in your OmniHub app you can easily control multiple settings by simply saying “Alexa, ask Hayward to turn on my {Pool Party}”. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Get a pool automation system that will grow with you. Additional relays allow you to add even more automation. And unlike other options on the market, OmniHub is compatible with most other brands of pool and spa equipment. Your OmniHub system is flexible. You can continue to add and update equipment to your pool and spa because it is made to expand. As you update your pool, OmniHub is right there with you.

Want to learn more about our Omni automation products? Find a Hayward Dealer near you or visit our Pool and Spa automation page.