swimming pool trends

Swimming Pool Trends

If you think swimming pools are the basic round or rectangular white swimming pool, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. As most people know, a swimming pool can be modeled to be nearly anything you can think of. You can make your pool as simple as you please or even as extravagant as you’d imagine. Building a backyard swimming pool gives you endless possibilities as to what you can create. The following are a few different swimming pool trends to get you started.

Sport Pool

The beauty of a sport pool is the ability to play games or exercise on an even playing field since sport pools opt for an even depth across the entire pool versus having a shallow and deep end.

Fire & Water Features

Combinations of fire and water features bring an elegance to your pool that we all long for. Not only is it extremely pleasing to the eye, but with fire pits surrounding the pool area, you can also extend your swimming season if it gets cooler in your area.


Automation is designed to minimize maintenance and make your backyard paradise easy to enjoy. Hayward’s OmniLogic is the simplest, most intuitive backyard automation system ever. The best part about OmniLogic  is that you can control your pool pump, heater, lights, jets and more, with just a touch of a button on the device of your choosing.

Salt Chlorination

Hayward’s AquaRite Salt Chlorinator, the world’s #1 salt chlorinator, is the super convenient alternative to conventional chlorine. With an addition like this to your pool, you could say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin and harsh odors! It is also remarkably convenient in automatically delivering chlorine for the ultimate swimming experience.

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