trivac pressure cleaners

TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaners Achieve a Powerful Clean

The Hayward TriVac 500 pressure cleaners can help you achieve superior cleaning results, and save you time and effort. TriVac 500 cleaners are equipped with innovative features and patented technologies that you’ve come to expect from Hayward, the industry leader. Designed with patented AquaDrive® technology, TriVac pressure cleaners are powered by water-jet propulsion, carefully and efficiently navigating the pool floor, walls and coves while its unique short back-up sequence keeps it on task to clean faster. Its triple venturi-jet action and wide vacuum inlet scoop up more dirt and debris, and its advanced sweep hose helps cover corners and crevices. Plus, with an extra-large debris bag and unique float, TriVac 500 allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time on relaxation.

TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaners:

  • Cleans carefully and completely
  • Hunt down dirt in hard to reach places
  • Makes managing debris easier than ever
  • Are the best value in their category, featuring a powerful bottom, wall and coves cleaning. When surface debris is not an issue, TriVac 500 has everything you need

How TriVac Pressure Cleaners Compare

TriVac pressure cleaners equipped with AquaDrive technology are the easiest way to keep your pool’s surface and interior clean. Lightweight and compact as compared to robotic cleaners, TriVac 500 pressure cleaners also do not affect your pool’s filtration like suction cleaners. This superior new pool product offers reliability, ease of use, and 24/7 cleaning capability with low maintenance between cycles.

Easy to Use

Attach your TriVac cleaner hose to the dedicated pressurized return line (booster pump required) of your pool circulation system and the unique cleaner will use the power of the water pressure to collect dirt and debris in the attached float-assisted debris collection bag.

The Best Choice

  • Unique product cleans your pool better than other cleaners
  • Designed to save time and effort
  • Easy to operate, lightweight and compact
  • Connects to the dedicated pressurized return line from the clean water side of your pool’s circulation system
  • Enhances and protects your pool investment
  • Innovative engineering that takes clean to a whole new level
  • Quality construction that outlasts the competition
  • Backed up by customer service and support that’s second to none

TriVac Pressure Cleaners Unique Features

  • TriVac’s patented drive system, known as AquaDrive, uses water-jet propulsion to move and navigate the cleaner efficiently through the pool as it scoops up dirt and debris. AquaDrive is powerful, completely covering all surfaces and navigating around obstacles. AquaDrive’s friction-free, passive wheel system is gentle on your pool surfaces.
  • AquaDrive’s unique, short backup sequence allows the cleaner to maneuver easily in and around sharp corners. This means minimal interruption of the cleaning cycle and faster cleaning time. The sooner your pool is cleaned, the sooner you’ll be back in the water.
  • Enjoy easy debris management. The patented extra-large debris bag with unique float allows it to move effortlessly through the water without getting dragged down. The float is removable for ease of use and easy access to quickly remove debris – just open the wide bag and rinse it clean.
  • Lightweight and compact, TriVac pressure cleaners are simple to handle and use.
  • TriVac’s 3 powerful high pressure water jets create superior suction to pick up even the most settled-in dirt and heavy debris. The oversized suction inlet increases the suction area and prevents clogging, resulting in more and larger debris collected during each cleaning cycle. The powerful longer sweep hose reaches areas that are inaccessible to other cleaners.
  • The pressure cleaner has limited spare parts, which are easy to repair and retrofit into existing pressure installations.
  • TriVac pressure cleaners offer automatic 24/7 fast cleaning capabilities with low maintenance between cycles.

Pool Owners Rely On Hayward

Like all Hayward products, TriVac pressure cleaners meet the heavy demands of the swimming pool market. Our rugged equipment is engineered for performance and dependability – to work hard, so you don’t have to. Hayward is the industry leader – pool owners trust us to keep their pools in optimum condition. Our innovative products set the standard of performance for swimming pool, spa and waterfall installations.

Enjoy your pool and spend less time and effort taking care of it. Contact your local Hayward Dealer to see the TriVac pressure cleaners in action or to learn more about the unique features of the new TriVac pressure cleaner.

You can also learn more about the complete line of Hayward automatic pool cleaners by visiting your local Hayward dealer. Take advantage of our cleaner promotions by visiting our Rebate Center and check with your local utility company for additional rebates on energy efficient pool equipment. Follow us on Facebook and participate in exclusive sweepstakes. Once you have purchased your TriVac cleaner, we support you with product information such as online reference guides, troubleshooting videos, product literature, and in-person help from our knowledgeable dealers.