Variable Speed Pumps: Your Pool’s Game Changer

Variable speed pumps are not just a new trend; for today’s pool owners, they’ve become the expectation. Many pool owners tell us they are considering adding variable speed pumps (VSP) to their pool setup for the coming pool season. They’ve heard the advanced VSP technology saves energy and money. This fact alone makes it worth a trip to see their local pool pro. 

But not everyone is familiar with how they work and why their advanced design is far superior to standard single speed pumps. Before you choose your next pool pump, you’ll want to get the facts. Let’s explore the features and benefits of variable speed pumps.

What is a variable speed pool pump (VSP)? 

If you’re wondering about variable speed pumps, this is a great place to start! The pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system, circulating water and chemicals for a healthy, attractive pool experience. Most older pumps run 100% of the time. In contrast, variable speed pumps respond to the load of the pool by running only when needed. 

It’s similar to leaving the lights on in your house all the time versus just having them on when you’re in the room. You can imagine the resulting energy savings. This is why utility companies and the US Energy Department are encouraging pool owners to switch to variable speed pool pumps. But, there are other benefits as well.

Variable Speed Pumps – Features and Benefits

Running pumps at lower intervals has multiple benefits:

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost saving – pays for itself in two years
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Reliable
  • Longer equipment life
  • Better filtration
  • Increased circulation of chemicals
  • Longer filtration system life

All in all, you can see that a variable speed pump is a smart investment. But what about convenience and simplicity? Read on to learn about the next generation of VS pumps.

The Next Gen: Variable Speed Pumps with Smart Control 

Do you want the convenience of smart control for your new or existing backyard pool and spa? Upgrade easily with Hayward VS Omni, the next generation of VS pool pumps. With the industry-leading VS Omni pool pump, you’ll enjoy the convenience and simplicity of pool control right from your phone – from anywhere. Not only that, but VS Omni also responds to your voice commands with coordinated Amazon Alexa voice control

What about existing pools? Not a problem – most existing pools can be adapted for smart control with the help of a Hayward VS Omni pool pump. VS Omni is the most affordable and simplest whole pool upgrade; it offers smart phone control for your entire pool pad.

Talk to your local Hayward Dealer for a free, personalized pool assessment.

Variable Speed Pumps – Savings and Rebate Offers

Hayward offers the broadest lineup of energy-efficient, WEF-compliant pool pumps in the industry – at an attractive price. In fact, Hayward VS pumps are the most energy-efficient of any leading brand AND they already meet the new Department of Energy regulations.

Variable Speed Pumps – Energy Star

The US Department of Energy awarded Hayward with Partner of the Year for outstanding, energy saving efforts in variable speed performance. The award also recognizes Hayward for offering the first-ever ENERGY STAR certified pump intended for above ground pools.

Whether you choose an industry-standard single-speed pump, a pump with variable-speed technology, or the latest generation of VS pumps with smart control, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice with Hayward. Seasonal savings and generous rebate offers are available, so why wait?

Variable Speed Pumps – Savings

How much will you save by replacing your old single speed pump with a new variable-speed model? You can save up to 90% on energy costs and as much as $1,500 per year in energy costs as compared to that of single speed pumps. In fact, Hayward VS pumps actually pay for themselves in as little as two seasons. In warmer climates where pools are used year-round, the cost savings can be even higher. 

Enter your pool’s size and your zip code here to calculate your energy savings. 

Are you building your dream pool? Variable speed pumps are the best, most cost-effective choice. And our VS pumps are a simple drop-in upgrade, so they are the perfect replacement for your current pump. Each season, you’ll appreciate the huge energy savings delivered by your pump’s variable speed technology.

Variable Speed Pumps – Rebates

Ready for an energy efficient variable speed pool pump? Keep more of your hard earned cash with generous rebates, available from your local utility company and from Hayward. 

Save big with an energy efficient pool pump and discover local utility rebates. Take advantage of money-saving rebates and promotions for Hayward VS pumps. 

Find the right variable speed pump for you – browse all pumps here.