5 Pool Building Tips from Klapprodt Pools

Pool-Building-WebThinking of building a pool?  Learn from one of our experts, Joel Klapprodt from Klapprodt Pools.

1.  What do I need to know before building a pool?  What are the things nobody asks and are surprised by later?

Most customers assume that all pool builders are going to do the same thing.  You need to understand what is really included in your construction agreement.  Ask your builder what about possible situations that could come up – electric lines, drainage lines or weeping walls can change the price of our agreement.

2.  What can I expect from the construction process?

A good company will communicate clearly what you can expect from the construction process.  Good communication is the key to making sure everything goes very smoothly.

3.  What are my design and lifestyle options?

A good builder will ask a lot of questions and listen to their clients to find out which design and options will suit each family.  If a family does not know what they want, it is key for a pool builder to find out how the family envisions they will use of their pool.

4.  What are some money saving tips – Energy efficient products, water and chemical saving options?

Choosing an energy efficient pump can be very important. Also choosing to go with salt chlorination vs. traditional chlorine can affect your monthly maintenance costs and time.  Try and get all the facts before you make a decision.

5.  How do I make my pool maintenance free?

Pools are not maintenance free.  You need to work with a company that will help you to understand what it takes to own a pool.  With a little time on your part, taking care of a pool can be very easy as long as you’re consistent with the care.

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