5 Ways to Conserve Pool Water

ConserveWaterDrought is a national epidemic with wide-spread water bans mandated by local municipalities and even some states declaring a state-wide state of emergency.  This is a very serious situation for Pool Pros trying to give customers the dream of pool and spa ownership; and also for existing pool owners who can’t simply throw the garden hose in their pools to raise their water levels due to bans.

California is one of the hardest-hit states.  They have experienced 3 consecutive winters with below normal precipitation, with last year’s being the driest since 1850.  As a result, once again, pools and spas have become a target.  Some media outlets are calling for a total ban on filling pools and some states are blocking new pool construction and renovation permits all together.

What to do?  Quite simply we must conserve water – all of us, not just the states with water bans.

Top 5 water conservation tips

  1. Large-capacity cartridge filters are an amazing water saver.  Because they NEVER need to be backwashed, water stays in the pool, along with chemicals and heat.  Cartridge pool filters save pool owners thousands of gallons of water every season – they conserve up to 92% of water from rinsing versus backwashing.  This equates to approximately 2,500 gallons of water per season or the equivalent to 20,000 glasses of drinking water.
  2. For those of you that heat your pool’s water with pool heaters or heat pumps, consider lowering the temperature, especially during hours and days of no use.  This will lessen water evaporation and lower your pool heating costs.
  3. Lower your pool’s water level.  This prevents less splash-out during water play and sports.
  4. Pool covers lessen water evaporation, keeping the water in the pool where it belongs.  As much as half of your pool’s water can be lost each year due to evaporation.  A couple of wonderful side-benefits of having a pool cover are that heat and chemicals are also retained, less energy is used and of course, pools tend to stay cleaner.
  5. Use only intelligent, water conserving irrigation systems.  Newer innovation applies water to the soil at a rate that matches soil absorption – this avoids run off, saving water.  Some even tap into the local weather conditions to ensure they’re not running while it’s raining.  Pretty smart.

Get Paid For Saving Water:

(Source: About.com Pool and Patio)
For those of you who live in a region affected by drought, have you considered getting rid of your overly thirsty lawn? By doing so, you’ll save water. You also might qualify for a local landscaping or irrigation rebate or incentive program.

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What are you doing to conserve water? We’d love to hear about your techniques, tricks and tips in the comments below.