A lesson in chlorine purity

Did you know not all chlorine is the same?  The deal you get at a discount store might not be a deal at all.  It’s important that you know about the chlorine you use to sanitize your pool.  You might just be shocked at what you’re dumping in your water, and the money you’re wasting.

Chlorine Purity Comparison 

Shocking right?!  Ok, now take into account the price you pay per pound or per gallon depending on the form/s of Chlorine you use.

Chlorine Equivalency

A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces 200 lbs of 100% available chlorine which is equivalent to:

From back breaker, to break taker

To get the chlorine production equivalent of one tiny little Salt & Swim Salt 3C cell, which by the way only weighs 1 pound, you’ll need to lug as much as 208 gallons all the way up to 571 pounds of Chlorine.  Yikes, hope you’ve been working out!

Let’s do the math, the cold hard facts

Myth Buster

You can afford salt chlorination – in fact, it will save you money!  Your annual chlorine production cost is less than the chlorination solution you’re using today.  No magic, no pixie dust, no additives, just 100% available chlorine automatically, now that’s convenient.  With a one-time up-front controller installation, you can let technology do all the work for you.

Stop living in the past.  Join the over 1.5 million American pool owners who are enjoying all the benefits of Salt Chlorination.  You’ll be amazed at what a little salt can do for your swimming experience, and your wallet!