Better Prep for a Better Pool Season

The pool season is here.  You’re reminded of all the many great times you’ve had with family and friends.  Reminiscing of the various events and functions you’ve hosted PoolSide, and all the fun you had.  You might also think of maintenance, the not-so-glamorous side of owning a pool.  How can you keep cleaning and maintenance time to a minimum this season?  Proper prep and automating pool and spa functions is the ticket.  With the help of tips below, you will be spending less time testing, cleaning and fussing, and more time enjoying your pool.

Tips for Success

First, consider an automatic pool cleaner.  For a small investment in the equipment, you can spare yourself the trouble of manually cleaning your pool.  There are many to choose from – including robotic and suction cleaners.  Take advantage of some of the outstanding consumer rebates currently offered.

Another huge time saver is salt chlorination and chemistry automation.  Salt chlorinators sanitize your water for you automatically by turning salt into chlorine.  The addition of chemistry automation, will save you even more time.  It offers an even finer approach to chlorination by continuously testing chlorine and pH levels, dispensing what the water needs, only when it needs it.

For the ultimate in convenience and control, install pool controls so you can automate your pool and other backyard functions.  You can automate cleaning, chlorination, chemistry management, filtration, landscape and pool lighting, spa jets and much, much more.

Hayward also offers consumer rebates on salt chlorination and automation.

This month and throughout the summer, we’ll share many tricks and tips on how you can simplify pool maintenance and water chemistry.